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Snowy Mountain Rifles

Snowy Mountain Rifles - Titanium .264 Cal, 0.995 Diameter, 2 Port, Black Cerakote, 5/8x24, Muzzle Brake

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Optimize Your Rifle Performance with Snowy Mountain Rifles Titanium .264 Cal Muzzle Brake

Experience Precision Shooting with Snowy Mountain Rifles Titanium .264 Cal Muzzle Brake

The Snowy Mountain Rifles Titanium .264 Cal, 0.995 Diameter, 2 Port Muzzle Brake with Black Cerakote finish is a high-performance accessory designed to significantly reduce recoil and muzzle rise. This self-timing brake bridges the gap between hunting and competitive shooting, offering a lighter, faster, and more robust solution for serious shooters.

Advanced Features for Superior Performance

This muzzle brake is engineered with the most effective port design for recoil reduction, featuring:

  • Best-in-Class Recoil Reduction: Enjoy up to 67% recoil reduction for improved shot accuracy and comfort.
  • Easy, One-Handed Installation: The locking collar design allows for quick adjustments, ensuring a secure fit without the need for multiple tools.
  • Precision Made in the USA: Manufactured in Snowy Mountain Rifles' Montana facility, guaranteeing quality and durability.

Installation Simplified

Install your new muzzle brake in four easy steps:

  1. Apply anti-seize to the brake and timing nut threads.
  2. Adjust the timing nut snugly against the brake.
  3. Thread the brake onto your rifle's muzzle, aligning it precisely with a level.
  4. Finalize installation with a torque wrench to ensure it's perfectly tightened.

Designed for the Demanding Shooter

Whether you're involved in benchrest, competition, precision shooting, or long-range hunting, the Snowy Mountain Rifles Titanium .264 Cal Muzzle Brake is built to enhance your rifle's performance under the most demanding conditions.

With its unparalleled recoil reduction and ease of installation, this muzzle brake is an essential upgrade for anyone looking to improve their shooting precision and enjoy a seamless experience across both hunting and competitive platforms.

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Additional Information

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Muzzle Brakes
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.264 Cal
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