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Snowy Mountain Rifles

Snowy Mountain Rifles - Titanium .264 Cal, 0.995 Diameter, 3 Port, Black Cerakote, 5/8x24, Muzzle Brake

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Snowy Mountain Rifles Titanium .264 Cal Muzzle Brake: Ultimate Precision and Control

Transform Your Shooting Experience with Snowy Mountain Rifles' Titanium .264 Cal Muzzle Brake

The Snowy Mountain Rifles Titanium .264 Cal, 0.995 Diameter, 3 Port Muzzle Brake, finished in Black Cerakote, is a game-changer for both hunters and competitive shooters. This self-timing muzzle brake, known for its up to 67% recoil reduction, bridges the gap between hunting and competition rifles, ensuring a lighter, faster, and more accurate shooting experience.

Exceptional Features for Superior Performance

Designed to offer the most effective recoil reduction and muzzle control, this muzzle brake is equipped with:

  • Advanced Port Design: Maximizes gas escape, significantly reducing recoil for more precise and comfortable shots.
  • Easy Installation: The locking collar and 3/8 Allen wrench slot enable quick, one-handed installation and adjustments, eliminating the need for complex tools.
  • Compatibility Across Calibers: Available in various diameters to fit a wide range of barrel contours, enhancing its versatility for different shooting disciplines.
  • 100% Made in the USA: Proudly manufactured in Snowy Mountain Rifles' Montana facility, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

Installation Made Simple

Installing your new muzzle brake is straightforward with these steps:

  1. Apply anti-seize to the brake and timing nut threads to protect against corrosion and galling.
  2. Tighten the timing nut snugly against the brake in a counterclockwise direction for a secure fit.
  3. Thread the brake onto your rifle's muzzle, adjusting for perfect alignment, then secure it by tightening the timing nut.
  4. Finalize the installation with a torque wrench to ensure it's tightened to the optimal specifications.

Designed for the Demanding Shooter

Whether you're aiming for precision in long-range hunting, engaging in competitive shooting, or operating in rugged environments, the Snowy Mountain Rifles Titanium .264 Cal Muzzle Brake is engineered to meet the most stringent demands. Its superior design reduces recoil and muzzle rise, enabling shooters to maintain focus on their target for unparalleled accuracy.

Choose the Snowy Mountain Rifles Titanium .264 Cal Muzzle Brake for its unmatched performance, ease of installation, and the confidence of a product crafted with American pride. Enhance your rifle's capabilities and experience the difference in your next shooting or hunting venture.

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