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Sordin - Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED Headband Black GEL

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  • Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED headband in black, featuring gel cushioning for extra comfort. This headband model includes a small yellow warning label and an integrated LED light on the left ear cup for visibility in low light conditions. The sleek design and high-quality construction are evident, aimed at providing superior noise reduction and comfort during extended use in various environments.
  • Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED headband in black with gel cushions, designed for maximum comfort and enhanced visibility. The black ear cups are equipped with LED lights for low-light conditions and feature a distinctive yellow label with the model name 'Supreme Pro-X SORDIN'. This model combines superior noise reduction technology with practical features for use in a wide range of environments.
  • Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED headband with black gel ear cushions, designed for enhanced comfort and noise isolation. The headband features a sleek, black design with adjustable ear cups and integrated LED lights for improved visibility in low light conditions. This model is ideal for users seeking advanced auditory protection with added functionality in diverse environments.
  • Close-up of the Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED headband in black, featuring a gel ear cushion for optimal comfort. This model includes a visible yellow label with the 'Supreme Pro-X SORDIN' branding and has an integrated LED light on the ear cup. The design is tailored for high noise environments, providing superior hearing protection and practicality with its LED feature for low-light conditions.
  • Detailed view of the Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED headband with gel cushioning in black. This ear protection device features an adjustable headband, enhanced comfort with gel ear cushions, and an integrated LED light for visibility in darker environments. The model is specifically designed for superior noise reduction and user comfort in challenging auditory settings.
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Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED Headband Black GEL: Advanced Hearing Protection


The Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED Headband with Black GEL is the epitome of advanced hearing protection for hunters and shooters. Incorporating military-grade technology and enhanced comfort features, this model stands out in the Sordin Supreme series for its functionality and innovative design.

Key Features

SordinHEAR2 Sound System

  • Advanced Audio Profiles: Equipped with SordinHEAR2 technology, the Supreme Pro-X LED provides four audio profiles—Hunting, Focus, Shooting, and Comms—to adapt to various outdoor scenarios, ensuring superior sound quality and clarity.
  • Natural Sound Reproduction: The device amplifies weak ambient sounds while compressing hazardous noise, allowing for clear communication and awareness of the environment without the need to remove the protector.

LED Lighting Feature

  • Built-in LED Light: A practical LED light integrated into the left cup enhances visibility in dark conditions, perfect for early morning or late evening hunts. The light can be easily activated or deactivated by pressing the + and - buttons simultaneously and automatically shuts off after three minutes to conserve battery.

Comfort and Durability

  • GEL Sealing Rings: Standard GEL sealing rings provide exceptional comfort, especially during extended use, making it suitable for prolonged hunting or shooting sessions.
  • IP67 Certification: Ensures that both the microphones and battery compartment are waterproof, allowing use in all weather conditions.

Enhanced Usability

User-Friendly Controls

  • Push Button Operation: Simple and efficient controls allow for easy adjustment of volume and settings without complication.
  • Automatic Features: Includes an automatic switch-off after four hours of inactivity to save battery life and a low battery warning that alerts users when approximately 40 hours of battery life remain.


  • AUX Input: Features an AUX port for connecting external audio sources like hunting radios or mobile phones, enhancing its functionality in the field.

Product Specifications

  • Product Number: 75302-X-13-S
  • Weight: 332 grams
  • Cup Color: Black
  • Type: Electronic
  • Headband: Black leather
  • Battery Lifetime: 400 hours
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 19
  • Standard Noise Reduction (SNR): 25
  • Frequency Attenuation: High = 28, Medium = 21, Low = 16

Warranty and Support

  • 5-Year Warranty: Sordin provides a comprehensive five-year warranty, underscoring the durability and quality of the Supreme Pro-X LED.


The Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED Headband Black GEL is a top-tier electronic hearing protector that combines state-of-the-art sound management technology with practical features like LED lighting and gel comfort. Designed for the discerning hunter or shooter, it offers unmatched audio clarity, operational ease, and comfort, making it an essential part of any serious enthusiast's gear.

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