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Sordin - Sordin Supreme Pro-X SFA Slim Headband Green PVC

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Sordin Supreme Pro-X SFA Slim Headband Green PVC

Sordin Supreme Pro-X SFA Slim Headband Green PVC

Enhance your hunting and shooting experience with the Sordin Supreme Pro-X, the premier choice for electronic hearing protection. Built on Sordin's military-grade technology, this device offers superior quality and functionality for demanding users, ensuring clear perception of ambient sounds while protecting against harmful noise levels.

Exceptional Sound Quality and Protection

The Sordin Supreme Pro-X is renowned for its exceptional sound reproduction, featuring external microphones on each cup to capture ambient noise, which is then relayed internally. This unique balance of safety and communication allows for clear conversations and command reception, even amidst gunfire, without compromising on natural sound reproduction.

Cutting-Edge Features for Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • Equipped with the SordinHEAR2 system, offering four tailored audio profiles for various hunting scenarios.
  • Sleek cup design for a comfortable fit, suitable for both right and left-handed shooters.
  • Long-lasting battery life of 400 hours from two standard AAA batteries, with an AUX input for external device connectivity.
  • Designed for adaptability with an SNR of 31 dB, meeting the highest safety standards and compatibility with different helmets.
  • Extra-wide headband and ARC-rail compatibility for helmet mounting, tailored for comfort especially for larger head shapes.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Superior passive attenuation with additional foam and increased cup volume.
  • IP67 rating for water-resistant components, ensuring durability in harsh conditions.
  • User-friendly controls for electronic functions, ambient sound amplification, and auto-off feature to conserve battery life.
  • Effective noise reduction, even for users wearing glasses.

With a 5-year warranty, the Sordin Supreme Pro-X SFA Slim Headband Green PVC is your ideal companion for outdoor adventures, combining safety with exceptional sound quality for an enhanced hunting and shooting experience.

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Pro-X SFA Slim
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