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Sordin - Sordin Supreme TM MIL AUX SFA Slim Headband Sand

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  • Sordin Supreme MIL AUX SFA Slim Headband in sand color, featuring a sleek design with dual-tone black and sand ear cups, integrated control buttons, and a flexible, padded headband, ideal for precision shooting and tactical applications.
  • Profile view of the Sordin Supreme MIL AUX SFA Slim Headband in sand color, showcasing a sturdy and sleek design with contrast between the black and sand ear cups, equipped with external control features for superior hearing protection and communication in active environments.
  • Frontal view of the Sordin Supreme MIL AUX SFA Slim Headband in sand color, emphasizing its dual-tone design with large, cushioned ear cups and central adjustment knobs, perfect for noise-sensitive environments requiring enhanced auditory protection.
  • Close-up view of the Sordin Supreme MIL AUX SFA Slim Headband in sand color, highlighting the robust ear cup with embossed Sordin logo and detailed control features, designed for durable performance and clear communication in tactical environments.
  • Detailed side view of the Sordin Supreme MIL AUX SFA Slim Headband in sand color, showcasing the sturdy ear cup with control buttons and a cushioned headband, tailored for enhanced hearing protection and effective communication in challenging environments.
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Comprehensive Review of Sordin Supreme™ MIL AUX SFA™ Slim Headband in Sand

Introduction to Sordin Supreme™ MIL AUX SFA™ The Sordin Supreme™ MIL AUX SFA™ earmuffs are a standout in hearing protection technology, designed with precision for dynamic operational environments. Tailored to meet the needs of users requiring both functionality and compatibility with various helmets, these earmuffs are a part of the innovative Sordin Flexible Attenuation™ (SFA™) line, providing exceptional noise protection and communication clarity.

Product Overview and Key Features

Product Number: 74508-05-S
Product Family: SORDIN SUPREME
Version: Slim Headband
Sealing Ring Material: PVC Foam
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio): 32 dB

Enhanced Hearing Protection At an SNR of 32 dB, the Sordin Supreme™ MIL AUX SFA™ earmuffs ensure that your hearing is protected in extremely noisy environments. The earmuffs feature additional foam and an increased cup volume that provide higher passive attenuation, safeguarding your ears against harmful noise levels.

User-Friendly Design These earmuffs boast a slim headband design that not only enhances comfort but also makes them compatible with various helmets. The easy-to-use push buttons control the electronic functions, making operation straightforward even in stressful situations.

Advanced Sound Management The level-dependent function of these earmuffs allows ambient sounds such as warning signals and moving vehicles to be heard clearly while still providing excellent noise protection. This feature is crucial for maintaining situational awareness in dynamic environments.

Color Options and Durability Available in black, green, or sand cup colors, these earmuffs are designed to suit different personal preferences and operational needs. The electronic circuits are protected with multiple layers of lacquer and polymer, ensuring robustness and durability even in harsh conditions.

Additional Features

  • Dual loudspeakers in each cup for enhanced sound reproduction and communication.
  • Water-resistant microphones (IP67 tested) to withstand adverse weather conditions.
  • Automatic shut-off after 4 hours of inactivity to preserve battery life.
  • Audio input (AUX) for connecting external audio sources.
  • Low battery warning signal when approximately 40 hours of battery life remain.

Technical Specifications and Standards Compliance

Battery Life and Type Powered by 2 x 1.5 V AAA/LR03 batteries, these earmuffs offer an impressive estimated operating time of 600 hours, ensuring long-lasting performance during extended use.

Temperature and Frequency Response The earmuffs operate effectively in a temperature range from -20°C to +50°C. The microphone frequency response is between 100 Hz – 10 KHz, and the loudspeaker response is from 20 Hz – 20 KHz, providing clear and natural sound reproduction.

Military Standards These earmuffs have been rigorously tested against MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-810H standards, which cover environmental engineering considerations and laboratory tests, confirming their reliability in military and tactical scenarios.

Conclusion The Sordin Supreme™ MIL AUX SFA™ Slim Headband earmuffs are an exemplary choice for professionals seeking reliable, high-quality hearing protection that integrates seamlessly with operational demands. With their robust construction, advanced sound management features, and long battery life, these earmuffs are engineered to support your mission success.

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