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VihtaVuori Premium Smokeless Powder, N150, 1.0 lb, T11050

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VihtaVuori Premium Smokeless Powder N150 - Versatile Reloading Powder

Unlock the Potential of VihtaVuori Premium Smokeless Powder N150

VihtaVuori's N150 multipurpose rifle powder, available in convenient 1.0 lb containers like T11050, stands as one of our most sought-after reloading products. Renowned for its versatility and exceptional performance, N150 is the choice of both precision shooters and hunters alike.

Perfect for Accuracy and Hunting Loads

VihtaVuori's N150 powder finds its place in a wide range of cartridges, particularly excelling with heavier bullets. Whether you're crafting accuracy loads or preparing for a successful hunt, this powder delivers outstanding results. It is ideally suited for cartridges with middle case volumes, such as the .30-06 Springfield, the .308 Winchester, and the 6.5_55 SE. N150 is celebrated as one of the best all-rounder powders for European hunting calibers.

Technical Excellence

N150 features a tubular powder type with precise grain dimensions of 1.3 mm in length and 1.1 mm in diameter. Its nearly symmetrical shape ensures compatibility with various reloading equipment. The burn rate of N150 falls within the medium range of our rifle powders. Additionally, it stands out as one of our most temperature-insensitive powders, making it a reliable choice for shooters in various climates. Thanks to the added decoppering agent, minimal coppering of the rifle barrel occurs, even when using copper bullets.

Expert-Recommended Reloads

Our team of reloading professionals offers valuable recommendations for optimizing your ammunition:

  • .308 Win Cartridges: VihtaVuori N150 powder pairs exceptionally well with Lapua Naturalis bullets, ensuring excellent velocity and shooting accuracy across a variety of barrel lengths.
  • Moose Hunting: For moose hunters, we suggest trying a load of 2.75 g / 42.4 grs for superior performance.
  • 6.5_55 SE Applications: N150 opens up a world of possibilities with bullet weights ranging from 6.5g / 100 gr to 9.0 / 139 gr, allowing for effective shooting at distances of up to 800 meters!

Unlock the true potential of your cartridges with VihtaVuori Premium Smokeless Powder N150. Whether you're aiming for precision on the range or success in the field, this versatile powder is your key to achieving exceptional results. Elevate your reloading game today with N150 in the convenient 1.0 lb container (T11050) and experience the difference that precision engineering can make.

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