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VihtaVuori Premium Smokeless Powder, N550, 8.0 lb, T55080

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Vihtavuori N550: The Versatile Choice for Precision Reloading

Vihtavuori N550 Smokeless Powder: Elevate Your Shooting Precision

The Vihtavuori N550 Premium Smokeless Powder is a testament to Vihtavuori's commitment to quality and performance. Developed in the late '90s for .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester calibers, the N550 has since become the powder of choice for a wide range of applications, including 30 caliber magnums and more.

Unmatched Versatility and Performance

With its tubular grain dimensions and added nitroglycerine for better energy content, the N550 offers higher velocity at equal pressure compared to the N100 series, without increased rifle wear. This makes it an excellent choice for hunting rounds with heavier bullets and competitive shooting across various calibers.

Optimal Choice for a Broad Range of Calibers

Whether you're loading for the classic .30-06 Springfield, the versatile .308 Winchester, or the precision-focused 6,5_55 SE, the N550 provides the power, consistency, and reliability needed for top-tier performance.

Handloading Tip from Vihtavuori Pros

For those seeking precision in 6,5_47 Lapua, pairing the N550 with Lapua's 6.5 mm 120 gr OTM Scenar-L bullet yields exceptional results, offering a balance of velocity and accuracy for competitive shooting.

Choose Vihtavuori N550 Premium Smokeless Powder for your reloading needs and experience the difference in precision and performance. Visit our website for more handloading tips and information on our full range of smokeless powders.

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