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Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics - Quick-Release Riser Mount

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  • This image shows a Vortex Optics Quick-Release Riser Mount. It’s a small, black piece of equipment that’s designed to elevate an optic on a rifle, allowing for a more comfortable cheek weld and sight alignment. The mount has a rail on top where an optic would be attached, and the base is designed to quickly attach or detach from a firearm's existing rail system, thanks to its quick-release mechanism. The branding "Vortex" can be discerned on the side of the mount, and it also features the Bullet Central logo, indicating their association with the product.
  • This is a quick-release riser mount, which is a piece of equipment used to elevate a scope or optic on a firearm for better alignment with the shooter's eye. This type of mount is designed to quickly attach or detach from a firearm's rail system, typically a Picatinny or Weaver rail. The one in the image seems to be a product from Vortex Optics, which is known for manufacturing various optical equipment for firearms, including scopes, red dot sights, and related accessories.
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Vortex Optics Quick-Release Riser Mount

Enhance Your AR-15 with the Vortex Optics Quick-Release Riser Mount

Unlock the full potential of your AR-15 with the Vortex Optics Quick-Release Riser Mount, specifically crafted for the Razor red dot sight. This mount is designed to provide an efficient and secure way to attach your Razor to a flattop style AR-15 rifle, ensuring quick deployment and precise targeting.

Optimized Sighting

When paired with the Picatinny clamp included with the Razor red dot sight, this quick-release riser mount ensures that the red dot is positioned in the lower third of the field of view, perfectly co-witnessed with iron sights. This strategic placement enhances your sighting accuracy and provides an unobstructed view for rapid target acquisition.

Durable and Reliable

Constructed with durability in mind, the quick-release lever mechanism allows for fast attachment and removal, offering both security and versatility to adapt to any situation. The mount's design ensures that it remains firmly in place, even under the most demanding conditions, providing a reliable foundation for your Razor red dot sight.

With the Vortex Optics Quick-Release Riser Mount, elevate your shooting experience by ensuring that your Razor red dot sight is perfectly aligned for optimum performance and ease of use.

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Vortex Mount:"Minute of Angle=N/A":"Mount Format=Picatinny":"Ring Diameter=N/A":"Ring Height=N/A":"Material=Aluminum":"Finish=Anodized":"Color=Black"
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