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XLR Industries

XLR Industries - Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider

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  • This image displays the XLR Industries Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider, a practical accessory designed for precision rifle shooters. It's specifically made to enhance the stability of the buttstock on a rear shooting bag, providing a more controlled and solid shooting platform. Included in the image are the bag rider itself, an attachment block, and the necessary screws for installation. The bag rider's contoured design ensures it can be easily and securely mounted to the buttstock of compatible rifles. The texture and branding on the bag rider signify XLR's commitment to quality and design precision, making it an essential piece of equipment for long-range shooters and competitive marksmen.
  • The image showcases the XLR Industries Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider attached to a rifle stock, illustrating an integrated solution for enhanced shooting stability. This accessory is designed to provide a secure and stable rest on a rear shooting bag, optimizing the shooter's control for precision aiming. The carbon fiber pattern on the buttstock suggests a focus on lightweight strength, while the ergonomic design of the bag rider ensures a snug fit against the shooting bag. The overall setup is indicative of XLR Industries' commitment to innovative, high-quality accessories that improve shooting performance for competitive marksmen and long-range shooting enthusiasts.
  • The image captures the XLR Industries Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider in action, mounted on a precision rifle's buttstock and resting securely on a rear shooting bag. The accessory is designed to increase the contact area between the rifle and the bag, promoting stability and control during shooting. Its strategic placement and the way it cradles the shooting bag strap show the practical design intended for ease of use and improved accuracy. This setup is commonly seen among precision rifle competitors and enthusiasts who demand the very best in terms of stability and support for their long-range shooting needs.


XLR Industries Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider

XLR Industries - Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider

Introducing the Smoke Carbon Fiber Buttstock Bag Rider by XLR Industries. Crafted in response to customer feedback, this bag rider attachment is a game-changer for your Smoke Carbon Fiber Buttstock, enhancing sighting accuracy and follow-up shot efficiency.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Stability: Adds 3.25 inches of surface area for a more natural and solid feel with rear shooting bags.
  • Easy Installation: Utilizes the lower M-LOK slot of the buttstock for quick setup.
  • Versatile Sling Attachment: Features machined-in flush cup Quick Detach (QD) sockets.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Design: Adds only 1.5 ounces to the buttstock, ideal for Element 4.0 Magnesium hunting rifle configurations.


Designed exclusively for the Smoke Carbon Buttstock. Ensure your setup is compatible for optimal performance.

Product Description

The Smoke Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider elevates the functionality of the Smoke Carbon Fiber Buttstock, enabling precise shot location and rapid targeting. Its minimalist design is perfect for lightweight hunting rifle configurations without compromising on stability or quality. The bag rider's attachment backer includes machined-in flush cup Quick Detach (QD) sockets for flexible sling attachment, making it an indispensable accessory for serious shooters.

Maximize your shooting potential with the XLR Industries Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider - a lightweight, practical accessory designed for accuracy and functionality.

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