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XLR Industries

XLR Industries - Envy Pro Chassis, Remington 700 LA, Anodized Black, C-6 Buttstock Anodized Black, Ergo Grip, Fixed Stock

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Envy Pro Chassis - XLR Industries

XLR Industries - Envy Pro Chassis

The ENVY Pro rifle chassis by XLR Industries, designed for Remington 700 Long Action (LA) in Anodized Black finish, is a testament to precision excellence. Tailored for precision rifle competition, the ENVY Pro Chassis showcases a fusion of innovation and user feedback to deliver a cutting-edge solution. With enhanced tunability, integrated features, and unmatched durability, it equips shooters to achieve exceptional performance when it truly counts.

Revolutionizing Precision Rifle Competition

The ENVY Pro Chassis sets a new standard for precision rifle competition, embodying our commitment to continuous improvement. By gathering feedback from our Pro Shooters and customers over the past year, we have meticulously refined this chassis to become our most advanced offering to date. Featuring heightened tunability, integrated enhancements, and unyielding strength, the ENVY Pro Chassis empowers shooters to excel in precision shooting.

Redesigned Forend for Enhanced Versatility

The most prominent feature of the ENVY Pro Chassis is its redesigned forend. We've expanded its width to accommodate more MLOK slots, providing shooters with greater flexibility for accessory attachment. Additionally, we've introduced innovative thumb rest scallops on the forend, offering multiple thumb indexing points to enhance front bag control. These scallops are further optimized with the use of our Envy Pro side weights and NV hood, increasing surface area and stability.

Customizable Nose Piece

At the front of the forend, you'll find a keyed nose piece that allows for customization. Shooters can choose between a lightweight aluminum dovetail nosepiece or extend the dovetail's length with a long or extra-long brass nosepiece, tailoring their setup to their specific preferences. Inside the chassis, provisions for tunable internal brass weights not only enable weight adjustment but also help in achieving the perfect balance point for improved shooting performance.

Adjustable DBM Latch for Precision Feeding

The ENVY Pro Chassis now features an adjustable Detachable Box Magazine (DBM) latch, simplifying magazine feeding tuning. Once adjusted, it securely locks in place, eliminating any unintended movement. This feature is particularly beneficial for precision rimfire shooters using a 700 receiver, known for its sensitivity.

Retained Superior Features

The ENVY Pro Chassis retains its previous exceptional features, including the full-length ARCA Swiss/RRS dovetail, integrated QD sling cups, thumb rest provisions, bubble level, and more. All these enhancements have been made while preserving the chassis's exceptional strength and stability.

Technical Specifications

  • Chassis Block Weight: 35-38 ounces
  • Material: Machined from solid 6061 T-6 billet aluminum
  • Arca-Swiss/RRS Railing: Integrated Arca-Swiss/RRS railing into the bottom forend. New Models have RRS Lock.
  • M-LOK Compatible: Yes, the Envy Pro chassis system is M-LOK compatible.
  • Detachable Magazines: Yes, the Envy Pro chassis system comes standard with an integrated detachable box magazine system (Magazine sold separately).
  • Magazine Type: The Envy Pro chassis system Utilizes AICS pattern magazines.
  • Bedding Required: No, XLR's multi-point radial cut inlet eliminates the need for traditional Glass Bedding.
  • Compatibility: Accepts AR-style flat top grips and AR-style buttstock.

Elevate Your Precision Shooting

Experience precision perfected with the ENVY Pro Chassis from XLR Industries. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of precision rifle competition, this chassis offers unmatched tunability, innovation, and durability. It's time to take your precision shooting to the next level. Explore the ENVY Pro Chassis now and elevate your shooting game!

Why Choose XLR Industries

XLR Industries is a trusted name in the industry, renowned for delivering top-quality firearm accessories and enhancements. With an unrelenting dedication to precision engineering and customer satisfaction, we have earned our reputation as a leader in the field. When you choose XLR Industries, you're choosing the best.

Precision Perfected

Do not settle for anything less than perfection in your precision shooting performance. With the ENVY Pro Chassis, you can achieve unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Explore its capabilities and elevate your precision rifle game today with XLR Industries.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the ENVY Pro Chassis by XLR Industries represents precision perfected. With its innovative design, tunable features, and exceptional build quality, this chassis sets the standard for precision rifle accessories. Choose XLR Industries for excellence and take your precision shooting to new heights.

Elevate your precision shooting today with XLR Industries. Explore the ENVY Pro Chassis now!

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