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XLR Industries

XLR Industries - M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter

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  • This image features the XLR Industries M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter, a compact and practical accessory for attaching a sling to a precision rifle. This adapter is designed for easy attachment to M-LOK compatible handguards, providing a secure point for a quick-detach sling swivel. The construction is sturdy to handle the rigors of regular use, and the black finish complements a wide range of rifle colors and patterns. The etched XLR logo on the side indicates the brand's commitment to quality and precision in their shooting accessories.
  • Displayed is the XLR Industries M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter, designed to allow for a quick and secure sling attachment point on rifles equipped with M-LOK system handguards. The adapter's robust construction promises longevity and resilience, vital for sustaining the dynamic movements associated with active shooting scenarios. Its sleek black finish provides a universal appeal, while the brass-colored hardware adds a contrast that not only enhances its visual appeal but may also indicate high-strength material construction for reliable performance.
  • This image features the XLR Industries M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter attached to a rifle's handguard. The adapter offers a convenient and reliable point for attaching a sling via a quick-detach mechanism, enhancing the rifle's versatility and ease of carry. The close-up shows the adapter's sleek design and the secure integration with the M-LOK system, ensuring the sling attachment is both unobtrusive and accessible. The sturdy construction and precise machining are indicative of XLR Industries' commitment to quality in their firearm accessories.
  • The image captures the XLR Industries M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter in use, securely fastened to a rifle's M-LOK slot with a sling attached. The quick-detach feature is demonstrated with the sling's hardware engaged, suggesting an easy and rapid way to remove or attach the sling as needed. This adapter is designed to offer convenience and flexibility for the shooter, allowing them to swiftly adjust their sling setup to match their current requirements, whether in the field or at the range. The close-up view highlights the adapter's integration into the rifle's system, showcasing its practical design and the seamless functionality it provides.
  • Here we see the XLR Industries M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter mounted to the chassis of a precision rifle. The adapter provides a pivotal connection point for a sling, featuring a robust and easy-to-use quick-detach mechanism. Its placement on the chassis allows for optimal balance when the rifle is carried, enhancing the shooter's mobility. The image shows the adapter's discreet profile and its strategic integration with the rifle's structure, which does not hinder the weapon's ergonomics or aesthetics.
  • This image features the XLR Industries M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter, attached to the buttstock of a precision rifle. The adapter allows for a secure and swift attachment point for a rifle sling, which is crucial for stability and ease of carrying the firearm. The close-up shows the adapter in use, with a sling connected, highlighting the practicality and enhancement it brings to the rifle's functionality, particularly for shooters who may need to quickly transition between shooting and moving. The design ensures the sling does not interfere with the shooter's comfort or the rifle's performance.


XLR Industries M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter

XLR Industries M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter

Introducing the M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter by XLR Industries, a versatile solution for attaching push-button QD slings to your firearm. Designed for both professional and recreational use, this adapter is essential for efficient and secure sling attachment.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Low Profile Design: Minimizes snagging, ideal for tactical and outdoor environments.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Made from Mil-Spec anodized aluminum, weighing just .3 ounces.
  • Anti-Rotation Feature: Ensures stability and prevents sling twisting.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Installation is straightforward, with the adapter fitting in one M-LOK slot or between adjacent slots, without the need for handguard modifications. It's compatible with standard push-button QD swivels, offering broad adaptability for various sling types.

Application Scenarios

  • Military and Law Enforcement: Reliable for tactical use, adaptable for different rifle and sling configurations.
  • Outdoor and Sporting: Ideal for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts due to its lightweight, durable construction.


  • Weight: .3 ounces.
  • Material: Mil-Spec anodized aluminum.
  • Compatibility: Fits all M-LOK systems, accepts standard push-button QD swivels.

Why Choose the M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter?

The M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter is more than an accessory; it's a reflection of XLR Industries' commitment to quality, functionality, and user-centric design. Whether for professional or recreational use, this sling adapter ensures seamless, secure sling attachment with the convenience and reliability you need.

Get your M-LOK Quick-Detach Sling Adapter from XLR Industries today. Contact us for more information and enhance the versatility and function of your firearm setup.

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