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ADG Brass (Atlas Development Group)

ADG Brass - 308 Win Anneal Line 50pc Box

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  • Detailed view of the base of a .308 Winchester cartridge by ADG Brass, showing the engraved headstamp '308 WIN'. The image highlights the central primer hole and a visible anneal line, which indicates the heat treatment process for improved strength and durability. Perfect for showcasing in product listings aimed at hunters and competitive shooters, part of a 50-piece box set.
  • Orange ADG Brass ammunition box for .308 Winchester cartridges, featuring a robust design with the ADG logo, an American flag, and detailed product information on the label. This durable plastic box holds 50 cartridges, designed for secure storage and transportation, ideal for both hunting and competitive shooting enthusiasts.
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Discover Precision with ADG Brass: 308 Win Anneal Line 50pc Box by Atlas Development Group

Atlas Development Group (ADG) is renowned for its precision-engineered reloading components, and the 308 Winchester Anneal Line brass exemplifies their dedication to quality and consistency. Designed for both seasoned reloaders and those new to the craft, this brass offers enhanced performance and durability that ADG customers have come to trust.

Optimized for Performance and Durability

ADG's approach to manufacturing the 308 Winchester brass involves optimizing the material geometry to enhance the structural integrity of each case. This meticulous process not only strengthens the brass but also alters the case volume compared to standard offerings from other manufacturers. As a result, ADG brass requires unique load adjustments to achieve the same pressures and velocities, ensuring both safety and exceptional performance.

Key Features of the ADG 308 Winchester Anneal Line Brass

  • Unique Case Volume: ADG's specialized manufacturing process results in a brass case with a distinct volume, necessitating specific charge weight adjustments for optimal performance.
  • Load Data Recommendations: ADG advises using reliable load data sources and beginning with the recommended minimum starting loads. Careful incrementation is essential for achieving desired results safely.
  • Charge Weight Adjustments: When switching components in your loading recipe to ADG brass, it is critical to reduce existing charge weights by 10%. This recalibration helps maintain safe pressure levels and enhances the overall performance of your ammunition.
  • Safety Precautions: Using charge weights developed for other manufacturers’ brass without appropriate adjustments can lead to dangerously high pressures and velocities when using ADG brass.

Technical Specifications

  • Caliber: 308 Winchester
  • Finish: Standard
  • Quantity: Available in retail boxes of 50 pieces
  • Case Weight: 172.3 grains (average)
  • Case Volume: 54.0 grains/H2O (average)
  • Neck Wall Thickness: 0.0135 inches (average)

Why Choose ADG 308 Winchester Anneal Line Brass?

Choosing ADG’s 308 Winchester brass means selecting a product that is built to last and perform. This brass is ideal for those who require the utmost in accuracy and consistency from their reloads. Whether you're engaging in precision shooting competitions or simply enjoying a day at the range, ADG brass provides the reliability and performance needed to excel.

For reloaders who prioritize precision and safety, the Atlas Development Group's 308 Winchester Anneal Line brass is an outstanding choice. It represents a fusion of innovation and craftsmanship designed to elevate your reloading experience. Embrace the advanced capabilities of ADG brass and transform your shooting performance with components that set new standards in the reloading industry.

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.308 Winchester
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