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Berger Bullets, .30 Cal, 175gr, OTM Tactical, 30105, (Qty 100)

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Enhance your tactical shooting performance with Berger Bullets .30 Cal 175gr OTM Tactical Bullets (30105), available in a convenient pack of 100 rounds. These bullets are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional accuracy, consistent performance, and reliable terminal ballistics, making them an ideal choice for precision shooters, law enforcement, and military professionals who demand excellence in every shot. Key Features: * Unmatched Accuracy: Berger Bullets are renowned for their precision, and the .30 Cal 175gr OTM Tactical Bullets (30105) are no exception. Experience tight groupings and consistent shot placement, vital for hitting targets at various distances. * .30 Caliber Precision: The .30 caliber offers versatility and stopping power, making these bullets suitable for a wide range of applications, from precision shooting competitions to tactical operations. * 175gr Weight: The 175gr weight strikes an optimal balance between velocity and kinetic energy transfer upon impact. This ensures effective penetration while minimizing the risk of over-penetration, reducing the potential for collateral damage. * OTM Tactical Design: The Open Tip Match (OTM) Tactical design combines accuracy with tactical functionality. These bullets are optimized for controlled expansion and enhanced terminal performance, making them an excellent choice for tactical scenarios. * Reliable Terminal Ballistics: Engineered for reliable terminal ballistics, these OTM Tactical Bullets offer controlled expansion upon impact, creating well-defined wound channels that promote quick incapacitation of the target. * Precision Manufacturing: Berger Bullets are synonymous with quality and consistency. Each bullet is meticulously crafted using advanced manufacturing processes to ensure uniformity in weight, shape, and ballistic performance. * Pack of 100: This package includes 100 rounds of OTM Tactical Bullets, providing ample ammunition for training, practice, and operational readiness. Prepare for high-stakes situations with confidence. * Enhanced Ballistic Performance: The .30 Cal 175gr OTM Tactical Bullets are optimized for superior ballistic coefficients, contributing to flatter trajectories and reduced wind drift. This enhances accuracy at extended ranges. * Versatile Tactical Solution: Whether you're engaging targets in urban environments or honing your skills on the range, these bullets excel in tactical scenarios, offering the precision and terminal performance needed for success. * Professional Performance: Trusted by law enforcement and military professionals, Berger Bullets deliver the performance and reliability required in critical situations. Equip yourself with ammunition that meets the highest standards of accuracy and effectiveness. Conclusion: When precision and performance matter most, Berger Bullets .30 Cal 175gr OTM Tactical Bullets (30105) rise to the occasion. From their exceptional accuracy and terminal ballistics to their tactical functionality, these bullets are an indispensable asset for precision shooters, law enforcement personnel, and military operators. Invest in ammunition that reflects your commitment to excellence and operational readiness. Order your pack of 100 OTM Tactical Bullets today and experience firsthand the advantage of Berger Bullets in tactical engagements. Stay accurate, stay prepared Ð stay ahead with Berger.
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.30 Cal
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OTM Tactical
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