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BAT Picatinny Rail, SS, 40MOA, Black, for 1.55" Round Model CT

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BAT Picatinny Rail - Precision Machined for Optimal Performance

Unlock Precision with BAT Picatinny Rail

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your BAT action, the BAT Picatinny Rail is the ultimate accessory. Meticulously crafted in-house, these Picatinny bases not only offer a matched look but also deliver a perfect fit to your BAT action, ensuring that your shooting experience reaches new heights of precision and accuracy.

Custom Machined for Perfection

At BAT, we understand that precision shooting demands perfection. That's why our Picatinny Rail is custom machined to exacting standards. The result? A rail that seamlessly integrates with your BAT action, providing a rock-solid foundation for mounting optics and accessories. With the BAT Picatinny Rail, you can trust in its flawless design and craftsmanship.

Optimal Length for Versatility

The BAT Picatinny Rail is thoughtfully designed for versatility. It comes in a length of 5.735 inches, making it suitable for various BAT action models, including the model B, DS, or 3L. Whether you require a full-length rail or a customized fit, our Picatinny Rail has you covered. It's the ideal solution for those seeking adaptability in their shooting setup.

Mounting Screws Included

To ensure a hassle-free installation, we provide mounting screws with every BAT Picatinny Rail. You won't need to hunt for compatible hardware or worry about compatibility issues. Our commitment to delivering a seamless experience extends to the accessories we include, making your setup process straightforward and efficient.

Experience Superior Performance

The BAT Picatinny Rail is not just about aesthetics; it's about elevating your shooting performance. With its precision machining and secure fit, this rail forms a stable platform for your optics, allowing you to maintain accuracy and consistency in every shot. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a dedicated marksman, our Picatinny Rail enhances your shooting capabilities.

Lightweight and Durable

We understand the importance of weight management in precision shooting. The BAT Picatinny Rail strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight. While it offers exceptional durability, it remains lightweight, minimizing any additional burden on your setup. The average weight of this rail is 6.2 ounces, ensuring that your rifle remains maneuverable and comfortable to handle.

Elevate Your BAT Action

Elevate your BAT action to new heights with the BAT Picatinny Rail. Whether you're a competitive shooter seeking a competitive edge or a long-range enthusiast striving for perfection, this accessory is your key to unlocking precision. Trust in BAT's commitment to quality and precision, and experience the difference with the BAT Picatinny Rail.

Join the ranks of precision shooters who rely on BAT for their shooting needs. Invest in the BAT Picatinny Rail and discover the world of accuracy and performance it opens up for your BAT action. Elevate your shooting game today with BAT Picatinny Rail.

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Stainless Steel
Minute of Angle:
40 MOA
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