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Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets, .30 Cal, 155gr, VLD Hunting, 30508, (Qty 100)

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  • Compact yellow and red box of Berger VLD Hunting bullets, .30 caliber, 155gr, product number 30508, containing 100 bullets. The box is prominently labeled with details and an image depicting a hunting scenario, underscoring the bullet's design for precision and effectiveness in hunting applications.
  • Yellow and red box of Berger VLD Hunting bullets, .30 caliber, 155gr, product number 30508, holding 100 bullets. The box features a vibrant image of a deer in a natural setting on its side, highlighting the bullet's effectiveness for hunting. Two precision-engineered, copper-colored bullets are displayed in front of the box, showcasing the product's design for optimal hunting performance.
  • Yellow and red box of Berger VLD Hunting bullets, .30 caliber, 155gr, model number 30508, with a capacity of 100 bullets. The box is partially open, revealing two precision bullets placed beside it. The packaging features a hunting scene with a deer, emphasizing the bullet's specific use for hunting large game, showcasing its design for accuracy and impact.
  • Close-up image of a Berger VLD Hunting bullet, .30 caliber, 155gr, part of the 30508 product series containing 100 bullets. The bullet is showcased against a transparent background, highlighting its sleek, copper-colored design and aerodynamically pointed tip, optimized for precision and effectiveness in hunting applications.
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Berger .30 Cal, 155gr VLD Hunting Bullets: Engineered for Optimal Hunting Efficiency

Introduction to Berger VLD Hunting Bullets

Introducing the Berger .30 Cal, 155gr VLD Hunting Bullets (Part Number 30508), a hallmark of precision and efficiency in the hunting industry. Designed for long-range shooting, these bullets are renowned for their flat trajectory and consistent performance.

Unique Features of VLD Hunting Bullets

  • Secant Ogive Design: The aggressive Secant Ogive shape ensures reduced drag, resulting in flatter shooting and minimized wind drift.
  • Consistent Core: Precision in core manufacturing guarantees no need for weight sorting, delivering reliable ballistic coefficients and enhanced accuracy.
  • Boat Tail Advantage: The Boat Tail design offers an aerodynamic edge, especially effective in transonic to subsonic velocity transitions.
  • J4 Hunting Jacket: J4 Precision Bullet Jackets, known for their remarkable consistency, are slightly thinner in VLD Hunting Bullets for optimal penetration and expansion.

Technical Specifications

  • Caliber: 30cal
  • Bullet Diameter: 0.308"
  • Bullet Weight: 155 Grains
  • Overall Length (OAL): 1.223"
  • Bullet Style: VLD Hunting
  • Recommended Twist Rate: 1 in 14" or faster
  • G1 Ballistic Coefficient (BC): 0.464
  • G7 Ballistic Coefficient (BC): 0.238
  • Quantity Per Box: 100

Load and Performance

The Berger VLD Hunting Rifle Bullets are ideal for long-range hunting, delivering maximum organ and tissue damage. A favorite among hunters, these bullets are best used with a load technique that touches the rifling for single-shot applications, though some rifles may prefer a distance of up to .150" from the rifling.


The Berger .30 Cal, 155gr VLD Hunting Bullets are a top choice for hunters seeking precision, power, and ethical performance. Their superior design and construction make them a reliable choice for any long-range hunting scenario.

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Additional Information

.30 Cal
Model / Type:
VLD Hunting
Projectile Weight:
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