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Berger Bullets, .30 Cal, 155gr, VLD Hunting, 30508, (Qty 100)

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Experience superior hunting performance with Berger Bullets .30 Cal 155gr VLD Hunting Bullets (30508), available in a convenient pack of 100 rounds. These meticulously crafted bullets are designed to deliver unmatched accuracy, terminal performance, and consistency, making them an ideal choice for hunters who demand reliable and ethical takedowns of game animals. Key Features: * Precision in Pursuit: Renowned for their precision, Berger Bullets takes hunting accuracy to new heights with the .30 Cal 155gr VLD Hunting Bullets (30508). Each bullet is engineered to provide exceptional accuracy, ensuring your shots are on target for a humane and successful hunt. * Optimized for Hunting: The .30 caliber is a tried-and-true choice for hunting applications, striking a balance between kinetic energy and manageable recoil. These bullets offer versatility across various game species and hunting scenarios. * 155gr Weight: With a 155gr weight, these bullets offer an effective balance between velocity and terminal energy transfer. This ensures controlled expansion upon impact while minimizing the risk of over-penetration. * VLD Hunting Design: The Very Low Drag (VLD) Hunting design minimizes air resistance for improved accuracy and consistent flight. This design also promotes controlled expansion, delivering reliable terminal ballistics for humane takedowns. * Reliability in Construction: Each .30 Cal 155gr VLD Hunting Bullet is meticulously manufactured using advanced techniques, ensuring uniformity in weight, shape, and ballistic performance. * Pack of 100: Your purchase includes 100 VLD Hunting Bullets, providing a substantial supply for hunting trips, practice, and perfecting your shot placement. * Superior Terminal Performance: Engineered for consistent expansion and high weight retention, these bullets create devastating wound channels that promote swift and ethical game kills. * Ethical Hunting: Designed to minimize the risk of over-penetration, these VLD Hunting Bullets help prevent unintended collateral damage, contributing to ethical and responsible hunting practices. * Game-Diverse Performance: Whether you're pursuing big game or varmints, these bullets excel. Their versatile design and reliable performance make them a solid choice for a wide range of hunting scenarios. * Quality Assurance: Berger Bullets is known for its reliability and precision. These bullets embody the brand's commitment to excellence, ensuring you have the confidence to make ethical shots. Conclusion: Berger Bullets .30 Cal 155gr VLD Hunting Bullets (30508) offer accuracy, terminal performance, and consistency for hunters seeking effective and ethical takedowns of game. Whether you're pursuing big game or varmints, these bullets are a must-have for ethical hunters who prioritize accurate shot placement. Choose ammunition that aligns with your dedication to responsible hunting. Order your pack of 100 VLD Hunting Bullets today and experience the accuracy advantage that Berger Bullets brings to your hunting pursuits. Hunt responsibly, hunt precisely Ð choose Berger.
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.30 Cal
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VLD Hunting
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