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Berger Bullets, .30 Cal, 185gr, Juggernaut Target, 30418, (Qty 100)

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Elevate your shooting performance with Berger Bullets .30 Caliber, 185gr Juggernaut Target projectiles, available in a quantity of 100 with product code 30418. Designed with the utmost precision and craftsmanship, these bullets are engineered to provide consistent accuracy, impressive ballistic performance, and outstanding long-range capabilities. Unparalleled Precision and Performance Berger Bullets is synonymous with precision, and the .30 Caliber, 185gr Juggernaut Target projectiles exemplify this commitment. Every aspect of these bullets is meticulously crafted to ensure consistent performance, making them an ideal choice for competitive shooting, precision marksmanship, and long-range engagements. Ballistic Excellence for Competitive Shooters The Juggernaut Target bullets are designed to excel in various competitive shooting disciplines. Whether you're participating in PRS matches, F-Class competitions, or other precision shooting events, these bullets offer the accuracy and consistency needed to hit challenging targets at extended distances. Their high ballistic coefficient enhances their downrange performance, reducing wind drift and drop. Precise Construction for Consistent Results Berger's attention to detail shines through in the construction of every Juggernaut Target bullet. Each bullet is carefully manufactured with uniform weight and concentricity, resulting in predictable trajectories and minimized group dispersion. This level of consistency empowers shooters to achieve tighter groups and more accurate shots. Exceptional Long-Range Capabilities The .30 Caliber, 185gr Juggernaut Target bullets are optimized for long-range engagements. With their advanced aerodynamic profile, these bullets maintain stability and minimize air resistance, allowing them to maintain their trajectory even at extended distances. This translates to higher accuracy and increased hit probability on distant targets. Confidence in Every Shot When you load Berger Bullets Juggernaut Target bullets, you're loading confidence into your ammunition. These bullets are engineered to deliver shot after shot of consistent, reliable performance. Whether you're competing in precision matches or engaging targets in the field, you can trust these bullets to help you achieve your shooting goals. Precision Shooting, Guaranteed Quality Berger Bullets has a longstanding reputation for delivering quality and precision, and the .30 Caliber, 185gr Juggernaut Target projectiles are no exception. With their remarkable ballistic performance and uniform construction, these bullets meet the stringent standards that Berger is known for. Invest in Excellence Investing in Berger Bullets .30 Caliber, 185gr Juggernaut Target projectiles (30418) means investing in excellence. These bullets are more than just ammunition; they're tools that can help you reach new levels of shooting proficiency and success. Experience the difference that precision engineering can make in your shooting endeavors. Choose Berger for Unrivaled Performance Choose Berger Bullets .30 Caliber, 185gr Juggernaut Target projectiles to elevate your shooting performance. With a pack of 100 bullets engineered for precision, consistency, and accuracy, you'll be equipped to excel in any shooting discipline. Elevate your marksmanship and enjoy the results that Berger Bullets is renowned for delivering.
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.30 Cal
Model / Type:
Juggernaut Target
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    185 gr Berger Juggernaut

    Posted by Eric Duran on Aug 10th 2023

    Use for 1000 yard competition and it is more consistent than the 190’s. With the right powder combo, a winner for sure!

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