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Berger Bullets, 7mm, 180gr, Hybrid Target, 28407, (Qty 100)

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Berger Hybrid Target Rifle Bullets 7mm 180gr - Precision Long Range Shooting

Maximize Your Long-Range Accuracy with Berger Hybrid Target Rifle Bullets 7mm 180gr

Introducing the Berger Hybrid Target Rifle Bullets in 7mm, 180gr - a top choice among long-range shooters and competition enthusiasts. These bullets feature Berger's innovative hybrid ogive design, blending tangent and secant profiles for optimal efficiency, reduced wind drift, and minimized sensitivity to seating depth.

Innovative Hybrid Ogive Design

The Hybrid Target Bullets incorporate a unique ogive that starts as a tangent near the bearing surface for easier tuning, then transitions to a secant ogive for a flatter trajectory and less wind drift. This hybrid design provides the best of both worlds in aerodynamic performance.

Consistent Core for Reliable Performance

Berger's precision core manufacturing process eliminates the need for weight sorting. This results in more reliable drop, consistent ballistic coefficients (BC), and enhanced accuracy, crucial for competitive shooting.

Aerodynamic Boat Tail Advantage

The boat tail design of these bullets offers an aerodynamic edge, particularly important in long-range shooting. They maintain stability when transitioning from transonic to subsonic velocities, enhancing long-distance accuracy.

Premium J4 Target Jackets

Constructed with J4 Precision Bullet Jackets, the most consistent and concentric jackets available, these bullets maintain an unprecedented +/- .0003Ó tolerance. This precision results in minimal dispersion across all ranges, a significant advantage in precision shooting.

Benefits of Berger Hybrid Target Rifle Bullets

  • Unmatched Long-Range Accuracy: Designed for shooters who demand precision in long-range competitions.
  • Reduced Wind Drift: Experience less wind interference and achieve more accurate shots in varied conditions.
  • High-Quality Construction: Enjoy consistent performance thanks to Berger's meticulous manufacturing standards.
  • Optimal Aerodynamic Design: Benefit from superior bullet design that maintains stability and accuracy over long distances.

Choose Berger Hybrid Target Rifle Bullets 7mm 180gr for your next competition or long-range shooting session. Invest in bullets that offer precision, consistency, and the highest quality for superior performance in every shot.

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