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Berger Bullets, 7mm, 190gr, Long Range Hybrid Target, 28485, (Qty 100)

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Experience Unmatched Precision with Berger Bullets 7mm 190gr Long Range Hybrid Target (Qty 100) When it comes to hitting distant targets with pinpoint accuracy, no ammunition compares to Berger Bullets. The Berger Bullets 7mm 190gr Long Range Hybrid Target, part number 28485, is the ultimate choice for marksmen who demand unparalleled precision and performance. Elevate your shooting experience and redefine your long-range capabilities with these exceptional bullets. Key Features: * Extreme Accuracy: The 7mm 190gr Long Range Hybrid Target bullets from Berger are engineered with meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect of their design contributes to remarkable accuracy, allowing you to consistently hit targets at extended distances with confidence. * Hybrid Ogive Design: Berger's proprietary Hybrid Ogive design combines the best characteristics of tangent and secant ogives. This innovative approach optimizes the bullet's stability, reduces drag, and enhances ballistic coefficient, resulting in flatter trajectories and improved downrange accuracy. * Premium Boat Tail: The bullet's sleek boat tail base is carefully crafted for maximum efficiency. This design minimizes air resistance, preserving velocity and energy over long distances. Paired with the Hybrid Ogive design, it ensures outstanding performance even at the outer limits of your shooting range. * Consistency at Its Core: With a box of 100 bullets, each Berger Long Range Hybrid Target bullet is crafted to exacting standards. This consistency in weight, dimensions, and ballistic properties translates to repeatable results and tight shot groups, giving you the edge in any shooting scenario. * Advanced J4 Jacket: Berger's J4 jacket technology is renowned for its uniformity and concentricity. This jacket enhances controlled expansion, uniform penetration, and reliable accuracy, making it a preferred choice among competitive shooters and professionals. * Versatility Redefined: Whether you're engaged in precision rifle competitions, tactical training, or long-range hunting, these bullets are versatile enough to excel across diverse shooting disciplines. Their adaptability ensures outstanding performance in any scenario. * Ideal for Reloading: Handloaders will appreciate the precise dimensions and uniformity of Berger bullets. The 7mm 190gr Long Range Hybrid Target bullets are an excellent choice for reloading, allowing you to fine-tune your loads for optimal performance. * Value in Quantity: This package includes 100 high-quality bullets, providing ample supply for practice, training, and real-world applications. Investing in Berger Bullets means investing in a substantial quantity of ammunition designed for excellence. * Proven Success: The Berger brand has a storied history of success in competitive shooting circuits. Countless shooters have achieved remarkable results using Berger Bullets, attesting to their performance and accuracy. * Unleash Your Potential: With the Berger 7mm 190gr Long Range Hybrid Target bullets, you're not just purchasing ammunition; you're unlocking your true shooting potential. Push the boundaries of your skill and accuracy, and experience the satisfaction of hitting distant targets with ease. In summary, the Berger Bullets 7mm 190gr Long Range Hybrid Target bullets embody the pinnacle of bullet engineering and precision. Their hybrid ogive design, consistent manufacturing, and proven performance make them an indispensable tool for any serious marksman. Elevate your shooting game with Berger and experience the difference that precision ammunition can make.
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Long Range Hybrid Target
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