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Bison Ballistics

Bison Ballistics - 6mm Claymore Bullets, 103gr (Qty 100)

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Bison Ballistics 6mm Claymore Bullets, 103gr for Competitive Shooting

Bison Ballistics 6mm Claymore Bullets, 103gr: Precision for Competition

Designed for Precision and Performance

The Bison Ballistics 6mm Claymore Bullets, 103gr, are meticulously engineered for mid and long-range competitive shooting. With a focus on high precision and low wind deflection, these bullets are perfect for F Class and benchrest competitions at 600 and 1,000 yards. Their design offers a balanced mix of manageable recoil, velocity potential, ballistic performance, and inherent accuracy, making them a top choice for serious competitors.

Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: CLM-24-103
  • Caliber: 0.243"
  • Weight: 103 gr.
  • BC (G1): .510
  • BC (G7): .260
  • Recommended Twist: 8 inches/turn

Advanced Design for Reduced Drag

The Claymore features an easy-to-tune tangent ogive and a hemispherical meplat to minimize drag and enhance ballistic consistency. This innovative design ensures a competitive ballistic coefficient (BC) in a compact package, enabling exceptional accuracy and consistency across various shooting conditions.

About Damon Cali and Bison Ballistics

Behind Bison Ballistics is Damon Cali, a passionate shooter with over 25 years of reloading experience and a background in aerospace engineering at NASA. His expertise in composite material testing, structural dynamics, and software development has been pivotal in creating advanced ballistics design software. This unique blend of skills and experience underpins the precision and quality of Bison Ballistics bullets, tailored for the needs of competitive shooters.

Experience the Difference with Bison Ballistics

Choose Bison Ballistics 6mm Claymore Bullets for your next competition and experience the difference that precision engineering and ballistic performance can make. Whether aiming for victory in F Class or benchrest shooting, these bullets provide the accuracy and consistency required to excel.

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