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Foundation Stocks, Genesis 2 (MG2) LH, BAT TR Action Inlet, DBM, Hawkins M5 Bottom Inlet, Std Weight, Coyote Finish, Full Length Acra Rail

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Introducing the pinnacle of rifle stock craftsmanship - the Foundation Stocks Genesis 2 (MG2) LH. This stock is not just a piece of equipment; it's an embodiment of precision engineering, ergonomic design, and versatility, catering to the needs of both competitive shooters and dedicated hunters. From its unmatched accuracy to its comfortable handling, the Genesis 2 (MG2) LH is a testament to what a top-tier rifle stock should be. Unrivaled Compatibility and Customization Crafted for shooters who demand excellence, the Genesis 2 (MG2) LH flawlessly accommodates the BAT TR action inlet, ensuring a seamless fit that bolsters the overall stability and accuracy of your rifle. The included DBM (Detachable Box Magazine) compatibility ensures swift reloading, making it ideal for quick follow-up shots during intense shooting scenarios. Precision Craftsmanship Every detail of the Genesis 2 (MG2) LH speaks of meticulous craftsmanship that adheres to the highest standards of quality. The Hawkins M5 Bottom Inlet adds strength and rigidity to the stock, leading to consistent shot placement and reduced recoil. With its standard weight, the stock provides optimal balance between stability and maneuverability, giving you the control you need without compromising agility. Enhanced Ergonomics Comfort is paramount, especially during prolonged shooting sessions. The Genesis 2 (MG2) LH boasts an intuitively contoured design that fits naturally against your shoulder, promoting proper alignment and reducing fatigue. The coyote finish not only adds to the stock's rugged appearance but also offers a textured surface that enhances your grip even in challenging weather conditions. Unleash Your Optics Potential Equipped with a full-length Acra Rail, the Genesis 2 (MG2) LH empowers you to mount a wide range of optics and accessories, ensuring your rifle is tailored to your specific shooting style. This rail offers a stable platform for precision scopes, red dot sights, and other aiming devices, allowing for consistent accuracy and target acquisition. Durability Meets Aesthetics The coyote finish isn't just about looks Ð it serves as a protective layer against the elements. Built to withstand tough weather conditions and demanding environments, the Genesis 2 (MG2) LH ensures your investment remains in optimal condition, shot after shot. Elevate Your Shooting Experience Whether you're a competitive shooter striving for perfection or a dedicated hunter pursuing excellence, the Foundation Stocks Genesis 2 (MG2) LH, complete with BAT TR Action Inlet, DBM compatibility, Hawkins M5 Bottom Inlet, standard weight, coyote finish, and full-length Acra Rail, is your gateway to unparalleled precision and performance. With its superior craftsmanship, ergonomic design, and comprehensive customization options, this stock truly embodies the fusion of form and function. In conclusion, the Foundation Stocks Genesis 2 (MG2) LH, featuring BAT TR Action Inlet, DBM compatibility, Hawkins M5 Bottom Inlet, standard weight, coyote finish, and full-length Acra Rail, is the epitome of engineering excellence. Elevate your shooting skills and achieve exceptional accuracy with this remarkable stock, perfectly merging innovation, craftsmanship, and adaptability.
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Genesis 2
Coyote Brown
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