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Foundation Stocks

Foundation Stocks - Genesis 2 (MG2) LH, BAT TR Action Inlet, DBM, Hawkins M5 Bottom Inlet, Std Weight, Dark Distressed Finish, Full Length Arca Rail

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Foundation Stocks Genesis 2 (MG2) LH: A Superior Choice for Precision Shooting

Foundation Stocks Genesis 2 (MG2) LH: Masterfully Designed for Precision Shooters

Introducing the Foundation Stocks Genesis 2 (MG2) LH, a pinnacle in precision rifle stocks. With its BAT TR Action Inlet and Hawkins M5 Bottom Inlet, this stock is engineered for shooters who demand excellence in their equipment.

Hybrid Design for Enhanced Performance

The Genesis 2 is a hybrid stock that skillfully combines the grip-to-trigger spacing of an Exodus with the fore end of the original Genesis stock. This design offers a wide fore end and excellent balance, making it ideal for both prone and positional shooting.

Superior Mounting Flexibility and Balance

Equipped with a full-length Arca Rail, the Genesis 2 allows for flexible attachment mounting options. This feature, combined with its standard weight and dark distressed finish, provides a stock that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Availability and Lead Times

When purchasing through Bullet Central, the Genesis 2 is readily available in stock, ensuring prompt delivery. However, buying directly through Foundation Stocks' website may involve a 12-week lead time. This information is crucial for shooters planning their equipment needs in advance.

Advanced Features for the Competitive Shooter

The Genesis 2 stock does not include the action or DBM, but compatible Hawkins DBMs can be purchased separately. Its advanced design and features cater to the needs of competitive shooters, offering a stock that enhances performance in various shooting disciplines.

Choose Foundation Stocks Genesis 2 for Unrivaled Precision

Choose the Foundation Stocks Genesis 2 (MG2) LH for its unmatched precision, quality, and performance. Ideal for both novice and experienced shooters, this stock stands as a testament to Foundation Stocks' commitment to excellence in the world of precision shooting.

For more information on the Foundation Stocks Genesis 2 (MG2) LH and other precision shooting solutions, visit Bullet Central or the Foundation Stocks website. Experience the difference in precision and quality with Foundation Stocks.

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