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Geissele Automatics

Geissele Automatics - 10.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK, Black

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  • Geissele Automatics 10.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 with M-LOK in black. This shorter version of Geissele's modular rail systems is designed for compact or short-barreled rifles, where space is at a premium but the ability to mount accessories remains important. The M-LOK system offers flexibility in attachment placement while maintaining the structural integrity of the handguard. The black finish is a common choice for tactical applications due to its subdued appearance.
  • Geissele Automatics 10.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 with M-LOK in black, offering a side view that showcases the handguard’s full length and the M-LOK slot configuration. This handguard is designed to provide a lightweight, durable platform for accessory attachment, enhancing the modularity and functionality of firearms such as the AR-15. The black finish is standard for tactical applications, providing a sleek, uniform look.

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Geissele 10.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK - Black Overview

Geissele 10.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK¨ - Black: Engineered for Precision

The Geissele 10.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK¨ in Black is designed to meet the rigorous demands of shooters seeking unmatched performance and reliability. Leveraging the advanced Geissele Barrel Nut design, this rail system is not only easy to install and maintain but also ensures superior rigidity and stability under extreme conditions.

Unmatched Customization and Durability

With a M1913 picatinny rail on top and M-LOKª slots available on every quadrant, the MK16 offers extensive customization options for all types of accessories. Precision machined from 7000 Series Aluminum, known for its strength, rigidity, and lightweight properties, the MK16 is finished with a durable Type-3 Hardcoat anodize to withstand the harshest conditions.

Optimal Length and Specifications

The 10.5" length strikes a perfect balance between compactness and functionality, making it suitable for a wide range of tactical and competitive scenarios. Specifications include a height of 2.39", an inner diameter of 1.26", and an outer diameter of 1.59". The rail's weight is 11oz, increasing to 12.6oz with the barrel nut, providing a lightweight yet robust platform for your AR-15.

Technical Specifications

  • Color: Black (also available in DDC, Gray, ODG)
  • Material: 7000 Series Aluminum
  • Finish: Type 3 Hardcoat Anodize
  • Available Lengths: 9.3", 10.5", 13.5", 15"
  • Inner Diameter: 1.26"
  • Outer Diameter (DAQ*): 1.59"
  • Weight: 11oz (12.6oz with barrel nut)


The Geissele 10.5" Super Modular Rail MK16 M-LOK¨ - Black is the preferred choice for shooters who require a high-performance rail system that offers easy customization, exceptional durability, and precise shooting stability. Whether for competitive shooting or tactical operations, the MK16 rail system is engineered to exceed expectations.

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Super Modular Rail MK16
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