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Gray Ops CNC

Gray Ops CNC - Matrix Pro Internal Secondary Weight Kit (3-Piece Internal Weight Kit used in conjuction with Matrix Pro Internal)

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Gray Ops CNC Matrix Pro Internal Secondary Weight Kit - Precision Rifle Balancing

Gray Ops CNC Matrix Pro Internal Secondary Weight Kit: Ultimate Rifle Performance Enhancement

Introducing the Gray Ops CNC Matrix Pro Internal Secondary Weight Kit, a meticulously designed 3-piece internal weight set created to work in conjunction with the MPA Matrix Pro Internal Weight Kit. This addition is ideal for shooters aiming to achieve optimal rifle balance and enhanced recoil management.

Advanced Balance for Precision Shooting

The secondary weight kit is strategically designed to add extra weight forward of the magazine, improving the rifle's balance. This adjustment is crucial for shooters who demand a more instinctive point-and-shoot experience, enhancing their ability to engage targets with precision and speed.

Recoil Reduction for Spotting Shots

By increasing the overall weight of the forend by an additional 2.8lbs, the kit significantly reduces recoil. This reduction is essential for maintaining visual on the target and executing accurate follow-up shots, a must-have feature for competitive shooters and precision marksmen.

Durable Construction with Enhanced Protection

Each component in the kit is machined from high-quality steel and finished with a black nitride coating. This finish not only imparts a sleek aesthetic but also provides robust protection against corrosion and rust, ensuring long-term durability and reliability in various shooting conditions.

Seamless Integration with Matrix Pro Internal Weight Kit

Designed to complement the MPA Matrix Pro Internal Weight Kit, this secondary kit includes three additional weights, allowing shooters to further customize their rifle's balance and handling characteristics. The integration is seamless, ensuring no compromise in functionality or aesthetics.

Simple Installation for Enhanced Performance

Installing the Gray Ops CNC Matrix Pro Secondary Weight Kit is straightforward, requiring no complex procedures. This ease of installation means less downtime and more time for what matters most Ð perfecting your shooting skills.

Specifications and Compatibility

The secondary weight kit is specifically tailored for use with the Gray Ops CNC Matrix Pro Internal Weight Kit. The added weight of 2.8lbs is a substantial upgrade for shooters looking to fine-tune their rifle's balance and recoil characteristics.


The Gray Ops CNC Matrix Pro Internal Secondary Weight Kit is an essential upgrade for any serious shooter looking to enhance their rifle's performance. Its precision engineering, robust construction, and significant balance and recoil improvements make it a valuable addition to your competitive shooting arsenal.

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