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XLR Industries - ENVY Pro - Internal Forend Brass. Weight Kit

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XLR Industries ENVY Pro - Internal Forend Brass Weight Kit

XLR Industries - ENVY Pro - Internal Forend Brass Weight Kit

Introducing the ENVY Pro Internal Forend Brass Weight Kit by XLR Industries, a cutting-edge solution for precision shooters seeking to perfect the balance of their ENVY Pro rifle chassis. This kit is designed to add weight to the front of your rifle, allowing for a customized balance that enhances performance in various shooting disciplines.

Customizable Weight Distribution

The kit features three separate weight sections, giving shooters the flexibility to adjust the rifle's balance to their specific needs. Whether it's for recoil mitigation or optimizing the rifle's center of gravity, this kit offers unparalleled customization.

Enhanced Recoil Management

By strategically adding weight to the rifle's forend, the ENVY Pro Brass Weight Kit significantly reduces recoil. This improvement in recoil management allows for quicker follow-up shots, increased accuracy, and overall better control of the rifle during extended shooting sessions.

Perfect Balance for Various Configurations

No matter how your ENVY Pro rifle chassis is configured, the Internal Forend Brass Weight Kit enables you to achieve the ideal balance. This adaptability is crucial for competitive shooters and hunting enthusiasts who demand precision in every scenario.


  • Total Weight: The kit adds 1 pound and 4 ounces to the rifle.
  • Material: High-quality Brass for durability and effective weight distribution.
  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for the ENVY Pro rifle chassis.

Modular Design for Precision Tuning

The modular design of the weight kit allows for precision tuning of the rifle's balance. Shooters can experiment with the placement and number of weights to find the perfect setup for their shooting style, ensuring optimal performance in every shot.

For the Serious Precision Shooter

The ENVY Pro Internal Forend Brass Weight Kit is an essential tool for serious precision shooters. Its ability to fine-tune the rifle's balance and manage recoil makes it a valuable addition to any competitive or hunting rifle setup.

Maximize your rifle's performance with the XLR Industries ENVY Pro Internal Forend Brass Weight Kit. Order now to experience the ultimate in rifle customization and balance.

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