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Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision - Magazine, Remington LA Flush Mount, 284/280AI, (311-1001.03)

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Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine: Ultimate Reliability for Hunting Rifles

Introducing the Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine, the ultimate solution for hunters and shooters who demand more from their magazines without compromising on the Cartridge Overall Length (COAL) of their rounds. Designed for seamless integration with the Hunter DBM, these flush mount magazines offer enhanced capacity for longer bullets and calibers, ensuring that your hunting rifle is ready for any challenge.

Flush Mount Design for Unmatched Convenience

The flush design of the Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine ensures that it won't snag on branches or brush, providing a smooth, reliable experience in the field. Its easy loading and unloading functionality make it a must-have for serious hunters.

Crafted from a single piece of billet aluminum, these magazines are not just durable but also lightweight, adding minimal weight to your rifle.

Weights and Compatibility:

  • Short Action Weight: 2.6oz
  • Long Action Weight: 3.2 oz
  • 300 NM/338 Lapua Weight: 3.8 oz

Exclusively designed for the Hawkins Precision Hunter M5 DBM, these magazines are available in various configurations to suit your specific needs:

  • Short Action Standard magazine holds 4 rounds (Internal length ~2.880")
  • Short Action Magnum magazine holds 3 rounds (Internal length ~2.980")
  • Long Action magazines hold 3 rounds (Internal length ~3.770")

Note that Long Actions are optimized for Beltless magnum cases and may not feed belted mags as efficiently. Installation of Long Action Hunter DBMs on factory length Remington 700 actions and Zermatt Origins may require gunsmithing to ensure proper magazine COAL.

Special Considerations for Optimal Performance

For those utilizing the 2.980" 6.5 PRC magazine, it's important to note that these units lack a binder plate. To prevent bullets from catching below the feed ramp, your action may need notching, a modification best performed by a qualified gunsmith.

Choose the Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine for a seamless, reliable upgrade to your hunting rifle. With its robust construction, thoughtful design, and compatibility with longer bullets, it stands as an essential component for hunters seeking optimal performance from their firearms.

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Additional Information

Load Port:
Mag Capacity:
3 Rnd
Model / Type:
LA Hunter DBM
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