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Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision - Magazine, Remington SA Flush Mount, 6.5 PRC (311-1002.02)

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Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine for 6.5 PRC

The Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine is the optimal solution for hunters seeking to use magazines in their rifles without compromising the COAL of their ammunition. Designed to integrate flawlessly with the Hawkins Hunter DBM, these flush mount magazines offer additional space for longer bullets/calibers, enhancing your hunting experience.

Key Features

  • Constructed from a single piece of billet aluminum for durability and lightness, weighing only 2.6oz.
  • Flush design to prevent snagging on branches or brush, facilitating easy loading and unloading.
  • Compatibility: Specifically made for the Hawkins Precision Hunter M5 DBM. May fit other SA flush fit bottom metals for Remington 700 pattern actions.
  • Capacity: Standard short action cartridge magazine holds 4 rounds (~2.880" Internal Length). Magnum short action cartridge magazine holds 3 rounds (~2.980" Internal Length).

Note: Users may need to consult with a gunsmith for optimal functionality of the 2.980" PRC magazine, as the absence of a binder plate means your action may require machining to prevent bullets from catching below the feed ramp.

Why Choose Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine?

Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazines are engineered for the discerning hunter who values reliability, efficiency, and precision. By offering a seamless fit with the Hawkins Hunter DBM and accommodating longer bullets without sacrificing capacity, these magazines represent the pinnacle of hunting gear innovation.

Upgrade your hunting rifle with a Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine today and experience the difference in the field. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a passionate hunter, our magazines are designed to elevate your shooting performance to new heights.

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Additional Information

Load Port:
Mag Capacity:
4 Rnd
Model / Type:
SA Hunter DBM
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