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Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision - Magazine, Remington LA Flush Mount, 300NM/338, 3.770" COAL (311-1001.02)

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Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine for Long Action

The Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine is a premium solution for hunters and shooters who demand seamless magazine functionality without compromising on the Cartridge Overall Length (COAL) of their ammunition. Designed exclusively for the Hawkins Hunter Detachable Bottom Metal (DBM), this magazine facilitates the use of longer bullets and calibers, enhancing your long-range hunting and shooting capabilities.

Key Features

  • Compatibility: Optimized for Remington Long Action with a 3.770" COAL, specifically tailored for 300 Norma Magnum and 338 Lapua Magnum cartridges.
  • Capacity: Holds 3 rounds, providing adequate capacity for hunting and tactical shooting applications.
  • Flush Mount Design: Ensures the magazine does not snag on vegetation or hinder quick loading and unloading, making it ideal for hunters moving through dense terrain.
  • Construction: Designed for beltless magnum cases, ensuring smooth feeding and reliability with high-performance calibers.
  • Weight: Light yet durable, weighing in at only 3.2 oz, minimizing the overall weight of your rifle setup.
  • Specific Use: Compatible exclusively with the LA Hunter DBM system by Hawkins Precision, guaranteeing a perfect fit and function.
  • Bolt Size Requirement: Recommended use of a .750" bolt for optimal compatibility with 300 NM/338 Lapua cartridges.

Enhanced Shooting Experience

The Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine is meticulously designed to meet the needs of serious hunters and shooters who require reliability, speed, and precision in their magazine-fed rifle systems. Its specialized design ensures that you can confidently engage targets at long ranges without the worry of magazine-related issues.

Upgrade your long-action rifle with the Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine and experience the difference in performance and reliability on your next hunting or shooting adventure.

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Additional Information

Mag Capacity:
3 Rnd
Model / Type:
LA Hunter DBM
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