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Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 50 Gr V-Max (22261) (Qty 100)

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Experience Unparalleled Performance with Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 50 Gr V-Max (22261) (Qty 100) * Enhanced Precision: Introducing Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 50 Gr V-Max (item number 22261), a pinnacle of accuracy and performance. This package includes 100 bullets meticulously crafted for exceptional precision and consistent results. * V-Max Innovation: These bullets feature Hornady's renowned V-Max design, characterized by a streamlined polymer tip that initiates rapid and controlled expansion upon impact. The advanced tip and boat tail construction deliver improved flight stability and outstanding accuracy. * Optimal Weight: With a 50-grain weight, these bullets strike a perfect balance between velocity and stability. This weight is versatile, making these bullets suitable for various shooting applications, including varmint hunting and target shooting. * Swift Expansion: The V-Max construction ensures rapid expansion upon impact, delivering swift and humane kills. Whether you're tackling pests or fine-tuning your marksmanship, these bullets offer consistent and reliable performance. * Exceptional Ballistic Coefficients: The sleek design of the V-Max bullets leads to enhanced ballistic coefficients, minimizing wind drift and maximizing accuracy over extended distances. This is a crucial factor for achieving tight shot groups. * Reliable Consistency: Each Hornady Bullet - 22 Cal .224 50 Gr V-Max undergoes rigorous quality control measures, resulting in consistent dimensions and performance. This consistency translates into reliable accuracy and predictable results. * Polymer Tip Advantage: The polymer tip enhances bullet accuracy by ensuring consistent and repeatable performance across various velocities. This advantage contributes to the bullets' exceptional accuracy and effectiveness. * Versatile Application: These bullets are designed to excel in a variety of shooting scenarios. From varmint hunting to competitive shooting, their blend of accuracy, expansion, and reliability makes them a versatile choice for enthusiasts of all kinds. * Durability and Reliability: Constructed with a copper jacket and lead core, these bullets offer durability and reliable performance even in challenging shooting conditions. You can trust them to perform consistently shot after shot. * Proven Performance: The V-Max bullets have a track record of delivering superior accuracy and effective expansion, establishing themselves as a trusted choice among hunters and precision shooters. * Precision-Packed Design: Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 50 Gr V-Max (item number 22261) are meticulously engineered to provide precision-packed performance. Each component, from the tip to the base, is optimized for accuracy and reliability. * Quick and Clean Kills: With their rapid expansion and controlled energy transfer, these bullets are designed to achieve quick and clean kills. This feature is essential for ethical hunting and humane pest control. * Long-Range Excellence: The combination of the V-Max design and optimal weight makes these bullets ideal for long-range shooting. Their impressive ballistic coefficients and consistent performance make them an asset when reaching out to distant targets. * Smooth Loading: The uniform dimensions of these bullets make them easy to load into various cartridges, ensuring smooth and reliable feeding in your firearm. * Hornady's Legacy: Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 50 Gr V-Max are backed by Hornady's legacy of precision and innovation. With decades of manufacturing expertise, Hornady delivers a product that shooters can trust. In conclusion, the Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 50 Gr V-Max (item number 22261) offer a combination of precision, expansion, and versatility that is unmatched. Whether you're a dedicated varmint hunter or a target shooting enthusiast, these bullets deliver consistent and accurate performance with every shot. The V-Max technology ensures effective expansion, while the 50-grain weight provides optimal stability for various shooting scenarios. Elevate your shooting experience with these bullets that are designed to excel in accuracy, reliability, and overall performance.
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