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Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 55 Gr V-Max (22271) (Qty 100)

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  • Hornady Bullets, 22 Caliber, .224 Diameter, 55 Grain V-Max, model number 22271, sold in quantities of 100. The image presents a detailed cross-section of the bullet, showcasing its advanced design for maximum terminal performance. The bullet features a polymer tip, which enhances aerodynamics for flat trajectories and promotes rapid expansion upon impact. The illustration highlights the bullet's layered structure in vibrant colors, emphasizing its precision engineering designed for hunting and varmint control.
  • Photograph of Hornady V-Max Bullets, 22 Caliber, .224 Diameter, 55 Grain, model number 22271, presented in a quantity of 100. The image features two bullets, one whole and one sectioned longitudinally to reveal its internal structure. The sectioned bullet showcases a lead core and a distinctive red polymer tip, which is designed for precise flight and rapid expansion on impact. The backdrop is plain white, highlighting the bullets' polished copper jackets and intricate construction, tailored for hunting and target shooting.
  • Image of a box of Hornady V-Max Bullets, 22 Caliber, .224 Diameter, 55 Grain, with the model number 22271. The box is vibrant red and displays the product prominently at the front with clear text and images. Inside the box, multiple copper bullets with red polymer tips are visible, designed for precise accuracy and rapid expansion. The box highlights features like high levels of accuracy, advanced jacket design, and rapid expansion suitable for hunting and shooting sports.
  • A box of Hornady V-MAX bullets, 22 caliber, .224 diameter, 55 grain, labeled with the quantity of 100 and model number 22271. The box is red with white and black accents, featuring an image of the bullets on the side. The design emphasizes the bullet's pointed tip and sleek profile, marketed for its high accuracy and dynamic expansion upon impact, suited for precision target shooting and varmint hunting.


Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 55 Gr V-Max (22271) (Qty 100) - Elevate Your Shooting Precision and Performance When it comes to precision shooting and exceptional performance, Hornady is a name that stands out in the firearms industry. The Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 55 Gr V-Max (22271) offer enthusiasts and marksmen a unique blend of accuracy, innovation, and reliability. This pack includes 100 meticulously crafted V-Max bullets that are designed to revolutionize your shooting experience. Key Features: * Optimized Design for Accuracy: These bullets are meticulously designed to provide unparalleled accuracy. Each component is crafted with precision, ensuring consistency in weight, shape, and dimensions. Whether you're competing in precision shooting matches or honing your skills at the range, these bullets will help you hit your mark with confidence. * Explosive Performance: The 55-grain V-Max bullets are engineered to offer explosive terminal performance. Upon impact, the polymer tip initiates rapid expansion, transferring massive energy to the target. This makes the bullets highly effective for varmint control and hunting scenarios, ensuring quick and humane takedowns. * Superior Ballistic Coefficient: The sleek profile and carefully engineered shape of these bullets result in an impressive ballistic coefficient. This translates to less drag and flatter trajectories, allowing you to maintain accuracy even over extended distances. Whether you're shooting at short or long ranges, these bullets will help you maintain consistent point of impact. * Reliable Performance: Hornady is renowned for its commitment to quality and consistency. Each bullet is subjected to rigorous quality control processes, ensuring that you receive a product that performs flawlessly every time you pull the trigger. Count on Hornady bullets to deliver consistent results, shot after shot. * Versatile Applications: The Hornady 22 Cal .224 55 Gr V-Max bullets are not only suitable for precision shooting but also excel in varmint hunting and pest control. Their rapid expansion and devastating performance make them an ideal choice for dealing with nuisance animals that threaten crops or property. * Easy Loading: These bullets are designed with the reloader in mind. Their uniform dimensions and consistent quality make them easy to load into a variety of cartridge cases. Whether you're a seasoned reloader or just starting, these bullets will make the reloading process smoother and more efficient. * Pack Quantity: This package includes 100 bullets, ensuring that you have an ample supply for extended shooting sessions or multiple hunting trips. With this quantity, you can practice, compete, and hunt without worrying about running out of ammunition. Upgrade your shooting game with the precision and performance of Hornady Bullets - 22 Cal .224 55 Gr V-Max (22271) (Qty 100). Whether you're a competitive shooter, a dedicated hunter, or someone who values accuracy above all else, these bullets will exceed your expectations. Trust in Hornady's legacy of innovation and excellence to enhance your shooting experience like never before. Order now and experience the difference firsthand!
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