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Javelin Slugs

Javelin Slugs - .22 23gr (.218)

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Javelin Slugs: Precision Engineered for Maximum Performance

Discover the Power of Javelin .22 23gr Slugs

Introducing Javelin Slugs, the ultimate choice for shooters aiming for long-distance accuracy and devastating hunting performance. Engineered with precision, these .22 caliber, 23-grain slugs are designed to conquer the challenges of aerodynamics and deliver unmatched impact.

Advanced Aerodynamic Design

At the heart of Javelin Slugs is a cutting-edge design featuring a tangent ogive and smooth shank. This innovative combination significantly reduces drag, allowing the slug to slice through the air with minimal resistance. The result is a slug that maintains velocity and trajectory, even over long distances.

Optimized Weight Distribution

Every Javelin Slug is meticulously crafted for balance and stability. The weight distribution ensures stable flight across a wide array of barrel designs, twist rates, and velocities. This attention to detail provides an optimum ballistic coefficient (BC), enhancing performance in all shooting conditions.

Unparalleled Hunting Performance

For hunters, the Javelin Slug offers a lethal combination of soft lead, a deep hollow point, and a large meplat. Upon impact, these slugs deliver explosive expansion, transferring maximum energy within the first few inches of penetrationÑideal for ensuring quick, humane kills on small game.

Why Choose Javelin Slugs?

  • Long-Distance Accuracy: Designed to perform flawlessly over long ranges with minimal environmental impact.
  • Stable Flight: Engineered for stability in turbulent conditions, providing consistent performance shot after shot.
  • Devastating Impact: Optimized for hunting, delivering energy efficiently for maximum effect on target.

Whether you're a competitive shooter seeking precision or a hunter in search of reliable and effective ammunition, Javelin Slugs are your key to unlocking superior performance. Experience the difference in your next shooting or hunting adventure.

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Pellet Type:
.22 Cal
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