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Javelin Slugs

Javelin Slugs - .22 34gr (.218)

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Javelin Slugs - .22 34gr (.218)

Javelin Slugs - .22 34gr (.218)

Introducing the pinnacle of long-distance airgun ammunition Ð the Javelin Slugs. Designed for the discerning shooter who demands precision and performance, these .22 caliber, 34-grain slugs are engineered to excel in a variety of shooting conditions.

Engineered for Excellence

  • Caliber: .218Ó
  • Weight: 34gr
  • Count: 200pcs
  • RA4 BC: 0.105
  • G1 BC: 0.118
  • Optimized BC: Calculated at 950fps (20¡C / 68¡F at sea level)

Advanced Design

The Javelin Slugs feature a tangent ogive and smooth shank to minimize drag and enhance stability during flight. The meticulous weight distribution ensures stable flight under various conditions, providing an optimized ballistic coefficient for unmatched accuracy.

Unparalleled Hunting Performance

When it comes to hunting, the Javelin Slugs stand unrivaled. The soft lead construction, coupled with a deep hollow point and a large meplat, ensures explosive expansion upon impact. This design is ideal for small game hunting, delivering maximum energy transfer within the first few inches of impact.

Your Choice for Precision Shooting

Whether you're engaged in precision shooting competitions, hunting, or simply enjoying target practice, the Javelin Slugs offer the performance and reliability you need. Experience the difference in your shooting with Javelin Slugs Ð where innovation meets precision.

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Additional Information

Pellet Type:
.22 Cal
Projectile Weight:
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