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Javelin Slugs

Javelin Slugs - .22 30gr (.218)

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Javelin Slugs - The Next Generation in Precision Shooting

The Patriot Javelin Slug: Precision Redefined

The Patriot Javelin Slug emerges as a groundbreaking choice for enthusiasts of long-range shooting. Crafted to perform exceptionally under varied conditions, this .22 caliber, 30gr slug sets a new standard for precision and impact.

Engineered for Excellence

  • Efficient Design: The slug's tangent ogive shape and balanced architecture ensure superior compatibility across different barrels and velocities.
  • Smooth Exterior: Its polished surface alongside an impressive ballistic coefficient leads to unmatched accuracy.
  • Optimized Impact: Designed with a large flat interior and a deep hollow point for rapid energy transfer and remarkable expansion upon impact.

Innovative Features

The second-generation Javelin Slug introduces several advancements, further elevating its performance:

  • Controlled Expansion: A meticulously profiled hollow point cavity ensures consistent expansion.
  • Balanced Flight Technology: Each weight variant has a uniquely calculated hollow point depth, optimizing the center of mass for stable flight.
  • Improved Aerodynamics: A rounded meplat reduces air resistance, enhancing aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Stable Base: The redesigned base counters turbulence, promoting stability in flight.
  • Unwavering Consistency: Enhanced tooling precision guarantees uniformity across batches.

A Worthy Successor

After extensive research and development, the Patriot Javelin Slug proudly stands as the heir to the first-generation Javelin, delivering on the promise of unparalleled accuracy and reliability for long-range shooters.

Choose the Patriot Javelin Slug for your next shooting adventure and experience the pinnacle of precision and performance. Elevate your shooting capabilities with a slug designed to meet the demands of the most discerning marksmen.

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Additional Information

Pellet Type:
.22 Cal
Projectile Weight:
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