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Norma Ammunition - Norma ECOPOWER Lead free 22 LR , 2423774 (Box of 50)

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Norma EcoPower 22LR 24gr Ammunition - Lead-Free Precision for Hunters

Norma EcoPower 22LR 24gr Ammunition: The Ultimate Choice for Hunters

Introducing the Norma EcoPower 22LR 24gr Ammunition, a revolutionary lead-free hunting solution designed to provide hunters with superior performance and environmental responsibility. This 50 round box of .22 LR caliber ammunition offers astonishing penetration, high impact energy, and is perfectly suited for hunts where power is paramount.

Key Features

  • Unmatched Penetration: With twice as much penetration as traditional lead projectiles, the copper-plated zinc bullets ensure deep impact on your target.
  • High Impact Energy: Designed as a partially fragmenting, frangible product, it delivers maximum shocking power, making it ideal for efficient hunting.
  • 100% Lead-Free: The EcoPower 22LR's commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in its completely lead-free primer and bullet, ensuring safer hunting grounds.
  • Enhanced Velocity: Experience up to 58% higher velocity than standard .22 LR ammunition, thanks to the advanced design and materials used in the EcoPower 22LR.
  • Fragmenting Hollow-Point Bullet: Maximizes the shocking power upon impact, ensuring a humane and efficient hunt.

Suitable for both rifles and pistols, the Norma EcoPower 22LR Ammunition is the hunter's choice for achieving high performance while adhering to environmentally sustainable practices. Whether you're targeting small game or need reliable ammunition for pest control, the EcoPower 22LR offers precision, power, and responsibility in every shot.

Upgrade your hunting ammunition to Norma EcoPower 22LR 24gr and experience the difference in accuracy, impact, and environmental sustainability. Order now and take the first step towards a more responsible and effective hunting experience.

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.22 LR
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