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Norma Ammunition

Norma Ammunition - MATCH - 22 LR 40gr LRN, 2425076 (Box of 50)

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  • Box of Norma MATCH .22 LR ammunition with 40 grain LRN (Lead Round Nose) bullets, product number 2425076, containing 50 rounds. The packaging is designed in red and black, featuring a detailed image of a precision target shooting setup, emphasizing the ammo's high accuracy and consistent performance. The box highlights its suitability for competitive shooting, with a smoky gray background and the BulletCentral.com logo at the top, appealing to precision shooters and sportsmen.
  • Two Norma MATCH .22 LR bullets with 40 grain Lead Round Nose (LRN) weight, displayed side by side. These rounds feature polished brass casings and distinctive dark lead tips, designed for optimal accuracy and consistency. The image highlights the detailed texturing on the bullet tips, emphasizing their precision engineering ideal for competitive shooting and target practice.

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Norma Match 22LR 40gr LRN Ammunition - Precision Shooting

Norma Match 22LR 40gr LRN Ammunition: Elevate Your Shooting Precision

The Norma Match 22LR 40gr. LRN Ammunition, item number 2425076, offers a high-quality, cost-effective solution for shooters looking to enhance their practice sessions and plinking enjoyment. Designed for those who demand competition-level accuracy both on and off the range, this 50-round box of ammunition is the shooter's choice for consistent tight groupings and fast-firing reliability.

Unmatched Accuracy and Performance

Each 40-grain lead round nose (LRN) projectile is engineered for a target velocity of 1083 FPS, providing you with the precision needed to hit your marks consistently. Whether you're engaging in benchrest practice or simply honing your shooting skills, the NORMA Match-22 ammunition is your ally in achieving top-notch performance.

Product Specifications

  • Application: Target
  • Brand: Norma Precision
  • Bullet Type: Round Nose
  • Bullet Weight: 40 gr.
  • Caliber: .22 LR
  • Firearm Type: Rifle, Pistol
  • Subsonic: No
  • Velocity: 1083 FPS

With NORMA Match-22, you're not just buying ammunition; you're investing in your shooting accuracy and reliability. Ideal for all segments of rimfire shooting, this ammunition is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of competitive shooters and recreational enthusiasts alike.

Choose Norma Match 22LR 40gr LRN Ammunition for your next shooting session and experience the difference that precision-engineered ammunition can make. Order now and take the first step towards elevating your shooting precision to new heights.

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Additional Information

.22 LR
Model / Type:
Projectile Weight:
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1 Review

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    Norma .22Lr Match ammunition

    Posted by CWOUSMC on Feb 19th 2024

    Does not perform in my CZ 457/Manners/Lilja/Timoney/match chamber as Wolfe Match Extra at the same price point.

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