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Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge - .308 Winchester (Box of 50)

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Enhance Your Reloading Experience with Peterson .308 Winchester Brass

Peterson Cartridge's .308 Winchester Match-Grade Brass: A Testament to Quality and Durability

At Peterson Cartridge, our commitment to excellence is evident in our .308 Winchester Match-Grade Brass, crafted using state-of-the-art technology to ensure unparalleled precision and consistency. Designed for shooters who demand the best, our .308 Winchester brass allows for more reloads per casing than the industry average, making it the ideal choice for both competitive shooters and hunting enthusiasts.

Proven Durability Through Rigorous Testing

Our dedication to quality led us to conduct extensive longevity testing on our .308 Winchester casings. Our ballistician embarked on a rigorous testing process, firing casings at SAAMI max pressure 31 times with no sign of case deterioration. This exceptional performance underscores the durability of Peterson Cartridge brass, ensuring that shooters can rely on our casings for their precision shooting needs.

Accuracy Beyond Expectations

Further testing at the outdoor range with a lighter load demonstrated the .308 Winchester's remarkable accuracy, with five shots landing in three tight holes at 100 yards. Even after 32 firings, the primer pockets expanded minimally, maintaining tightness for continued use without any cracks or signs of head separation.

Choosing the Right Primer for Your Needs

For those looking to load above SAAMI max pressures, Peterson Cartridge offers a .308 Winchester Small Rifle Primer variant. While we advocate staying within SAAMI guidelines, our small primer pocket design has shown to withstand pressures above SAAMI max when tested, offering an additional layer of reliability for your most demanding shooting scenarios.

Experience the Peterson Difference

Whether you're a competitive shooter striving for precision or a hunter in pursuit of reliability, Peterson Cartridge's .308 Winchester brass is engineered to meet your highest standards. With our unmatched commitment to quality and performance, we invite you to experience the difference that Peterson Cartridge can make in your shooting and reloading journey.

Join the ranks of satisfied shooters who trust Peterson Cartridge for their reloading needs, and elevate your shooting experience with our match-grade .308 Winchester brass.

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.308 Winchester
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