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Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge - .270 Winchester (Box of 50)

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Introducing .270 Winchester Brass by Peterson Cartridge

Expand Your Hunting Horizons with Peterson Cartridge's .270 Winchester

In a significant expansion of its product line, Peterson Cartridge proudly announces the addition of .270 Winchester brass to its catalog. Leveraging the latest in manufacturing technology and design prowess, Peterson Cartridge brings to the market a casing synonymous with versatility, efficiency, and performance.

A Journey of Precision and Innovation

Since commencing operations in 2016, Peterson Cartridge has evolved from a boutique cartridge maker to a leading name in the production of high-quality rifle casings. The introduction of the .270 Winchester represents the company's 30th tooling package, marking a milestone in its commitment to catering to a wide array of shooting disciplines and preferences.

The .270 Winchester: A Hunter's Choice

Renowned for its capability to deliver fast, flat, and deadly shots, the .270 Winchester has long been a favorite among hunters targeting mid-size game such as deer, sheep, and hogs. Its relatively mild recoil compared to the .30-06 makes it a preferred choice for those seeking comfort without compromising on power or range.

Why Choose Peterson Cartridge's .270 Winchester?

  • Match-Grade Precision: Each casing is crafted to meet exacting standards, ensuring consistent performance shot after shot.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a wide range of hunting applications, from mule deer to elk, offering an exceptional balance of speed and power.
  • Reliability: Built using state-of-the-art equipment, Peterson's .270 Winchester casings are designed for durability and long-term use.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Peterson Cartridge emphasizes the importance of using these casings within the specifications for which they were designed. Shooters are advised to use Peterson Cartridge Co. casings only in firearms that are in good condition and properly chambered for the .270 Winchester, ensuring a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

Whether you're stalking deer in the backcountry or aiming for precision at the range, Peterson Cartridge's .270 Winchester brass offers the reliability and performance you need to make every shot count.

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.270 Winchester
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