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PMA Ball Bearing Drive Priming Tool

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  • PMA Ball Bearing Drive Priming Tool, featuring a robust metallic construction with a blue handle and an additional metallic attachment, isolated on a white background.
  • PMA Ball Bearing Drive Priming Tool set displayed on a wooden surface, including a metallic priming tool with a blue wrist strap, multiple primer casings on a green pad, and a black case with slots filled with brass casings.
  • PMA Ball Bearing Drive Priming Tool, consisting of a blue and silver metallic tool with engraved logo, showcased on a green felt background for a clear, detailed view.
  • PMA Ball Bearing Drive Priming Tool, featuring a sleek silver body and blue handle, laid on a textured green felt background, providing a clear view of its sturdy build and precise engineering.
  • PMA Ball Bearing Drive Priming Tool surrounded by scattered brass casings, featuring a metallic body with blue and silver sections and PMAtool branding, set against a green felt background.
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PMA Ball Bearing Drive Priming Tool: The Next Level in Precision Priming


The PMA Ball Bearing Drive Priming Tool is a revolutionary advancement from the popular Mini Mite model, elevating the priming process with enhanced precision and ease. Designed for serious reloaders, this tool incorporates advanced features that simplify the preparation of both large and small primers.

Enhanced Performance and Durability

Key Features:

  • Ball Bearing Drive: At the heart of the PMA Priming Tool is a ball bearing drive that serves dual purposes. It ensures perfect alignment of the priming punch assembly with the linkage, significantly reducing wear on these components while maintaining smooth operation throughout its use.

  • Ground Contact Surfaces: Constructed from 17-4 PH stainless steel, the moving parts of this tool have their contact surfaces ground flat and parallel. This precision engineering ensures that primers are seated straight and flush within the primer pocket every time.

User-Centric Design

Adjustable Head:

  • The adjustable head of the priming tool allows for fine-tuning of primer seating depth. Unlike other priming tools that click into place, the PMA Tool offers a smooth, infinitely adjustable setting secured by a friction o-ring, ensuring the primer seats exactly where it should without any unwanted movement.

Leverage and Ergonomics:

  • The design of this tool provides substantial leverage, reducing hand fatigue without compromising the tactile feel needed to seat primers perfectly. The ergonomic handle features an upward swoop, enhancing comfort and control during use. Moreover, it is designed to be 1 inch shorter and 4 ounces lighter than other stainless steel priming tools, making it easier to handle.

Precision and Compatibility

Tight Tolerances and Simple Swaps:

  • This tool maintains minimal clearances and tight tolerances, ensuring that the internal mechanics are always in perfect alignment. Switching between small and large primers, or different shell holders, is straightforward and hassle-free, involving a simple adjustment of the head and swap of the components.

Utilizes Redding Shellholders:

  • The PMA Priming Tool is compatible with Redding press type shellholders, which are known for their precision and consistency. Each shellholder is inspected before shipping to ensure a perfect fit with the tool.

Practical Considerations

  • Shellholder Sold Separately: Note that the shellholder is sold separately. This tool accepts Redding type shellholders, which need to be purchased according to the specific requirements of the user’s reloading setup.


The PMA Ball Bearing Drive Priming Tool is an indispensable tool for those seeking to enhance their reloading process with precision, ease, and comfort. By integrating advanced mechanical designs such as the ball bearing drive and adjustable head, along with thoughtful ergonomics and efficient leverage, this tool sets a new standard in priming technology. Whether for competitive shooting, hunting, or casual target practice, the PMA Priming Tool ensures that your primers are seated consistently and correctly, shot after shot.

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