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PMA Bore Guide, BAT 2 lug 6mmPPC

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  • PMA Bore Guide designed for BAT 2 lug rifles chambered in 6mmPPC, featuring a sleek black guide with a bright blue adjustment tool marked with red bands. This guide is essential for aligning cleaning tools precisely within the rifle's barrel to avoid damaging the bore, enhancing the rifle's maintenance process. The black and blue color scheme emphasizes the guide’s professional quality and specialized function, ensuring accurate and safe cleaning for high-performance rifles.
  • PMA Bore Guide for BAT 2 lug rifles in 6mmPPC caliber, shown against a vibrant red background. This specialized bore guide is presented in sleek black with minimalistic design features, clearly labeled to ensure correct usage. Essential for safe and effective firearm maintenance, it ensures that cleaning rods are aligned precisely without damaging the rifle's sensitive internal surfaces. This tool is vital for extending the life and maintaining the accuracy of high-performance precision rifles.
  • PMA Bore Guide for BAT 2 lug rifles chambered in 6mmPPC, displayed on a plain white background. This essential cleaning tool features a long, sleek black rod guide paired with a vibrant blue adjustment tool, both crucial for maintaining precision and care during the cleaning process. The guide is specifically designed to protect the bore from scratches or other damage by perfectly aligning cleaning rods and tools, crucial for the upkeep and longevity of competitive shooting and precision rifles.
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PMA Bore Guide for BAT 2 Lug 6mmPPC and More: Precision Cleaning for Precision Rifles


Designed specifically for rifles chambered in 22 or 6mm PPC, 6mm ARC, and 220 Swift, the PMA Bore Guide is the perfect tool for maintaining the accuracy and longevity of precision rifles. Suitable for actions with bolt diameters between .695" and .700", this guide fits a wide range of popular rifle models including Remington 700/40X, Kelbly, Borden, and many others.

Enhanced Design and Materials

Crafted from CNC lathe-turned black Delrin, the PMA Bore Guide offers a robust solution that doesn't stain or discolor like other materials. This high-quality construction ensures durability and reliability across numerous cleaning sessions.

Key Features:

  • 12.25" Overall Length: Optimally designed for a perfect fit and ease of use.
  • Integral Solvent Port: Precisely machined for efficient solvent application without spillage or wastage, and strategically located to avoid interference with the scope.
  • Laser Marked Positive Identifications: Durable laser engravings filled with paint provide lasting visibility that outperforms traditional stickers or marker identifications.

Advanced Functional Elements

  • Red Silicone O-Rings: Chosen for their durability and solvent resistance, these o-rings are easily visible against the black Delrin, making it simple to identify wear or damage.
  • Aluminum Rod Guide Insert: Ensures a snug fit for the cleaning rod, maintaining a straight path due to its tight internal tolerances. The knurled end of the insert allows for easy handling and removal.

Dual O-Ring Stability:

  • Dual O-Ring Insert: This feature significantly reduces internal movement of the insert, ensuring the cleaning rod stays aligned and minimizing potential for bore damage.

Compatibility and Usage

  • Broad Rifle Compatibility: Fits a variety of high-performance rifles from manufacturers such as Savage, Winchester, Impact, Defiance, Zermatt (Bighorn), Christensen Arms, and Weatherby Varmintmaster.
  • Customer Support: PMA encourages users who are unsure about compatibility to reach out via phone or email for assistance, ensuring you receive the right tool for your rifle.

Packaging and Storage

  • Clear Reusable Packaging: Utilizes a telescoping plastic tube, similar to those used for transporting expensive cutting tools. This packaging not only protects the rod guide during shipping but also serves as a practical storage solution, showcasing the markings clearly.


The PMA Bore Guide for BAT 2 Lug 6mmPPC and similar calibers is an indispensable tool for rifle owners focused on precision. With its superior materials, thoughtful design, and precise engineering, it provides a reliable and effective way to maintain the performance and accuracy of your rifle. Whether for routine maintenance or post-shooting cleaning, this bore guide ensures your rifle's bore is protected and cared for properly.

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6mm PPC
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