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PMA Bore Guide, BAT Neuvo or 3 lug, 6mmPPC

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  • Precision bore guide by PMA designed for BAT Neuvo or 3-lug actions, optimized for 6mm PPC cartridges. The guide features a black main body with a smoothly integrated channel for the cleaning rod, paired with a distinctive blue rod handle marked with orange rings for enhanced visual guidance and size indication. This tool is essential for maintaining the bore's cleanliness and accuracy, ensuring the rod aligns perfectly with the barrel's rifling without causing damage.
  • Black PMA bore guide designed specifically for BAT Neuvo or 3-lug actions, suitable for 6mm PPC cartridges. This cylindrical tool helps align cleaning rods precisely with the bore to prevent damage to the rifle's barrel. It features a streamlined design with minimal detailing, ensuring ease of use and efficiency in maintaining firearm accuracy and performance.
  • Precision rifle equipped with a PMA Bore Guide, set on a BAT Neuvo or 3-lug action for 6mmPPC, featuring a high-quality scope and carbon fiber stock.
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PMA Bore Guide for BAT Neuvo or 3 Lug, 6mm PPC: Optimal Cleaning for Precision Rifles


Designed for rifles chambered in 22 or 6mm PPC, 6mm ARC, and 220 Swift, the PMA Bore Guide is an essential tool for maintaining the accuracy and longevity of precision rifles. This guide is specifically tailored to fit actions with a bolt diameter between .890" and .900", making it perfect for BAT 3L and Neuvo actions.

Superior Design and Materials

Constructed from CNC lathe-turned black Delrin, the PMA Bore Guide resists staining and discoloration, maintaining a clean and professional appearance throughout its use. This material choice not only enhances durability but also ensures long-lasting performance without the common drawbacks of alternative materials.

Key Features:

  • 12.25" Overall Length: Ideal for comprehensive cleaning without obstructing the scope.
  • Integral Solvent Port: Carefully designed to facilitate the application of solvents without spillage and perfectly located to avoid interference with the scope eyepiece.
  • Positive Laser Markings: Durable and permanent markings provide easy identification, outlasting other common labeling methods.

Advanced Functional Elements

  • Red Silicone O-Rings: Known for their resistance to solvents, these o-rings also offer high visibility against the black Delrin, making it easy to spot wear or damage.
  • Aluminum Rod Guide Insert: Precision-machined to provide a tight fit for the cleaning rod, enhancing the cleaning process. The aluminum construction also allows for a finely knurled end, aiding in easy removal from the guide.

Enhanced Stability:

  • Dual O-Ring Insert: Features two o-rings to minimize internal movement, ensuring the cleaning rod remains straight and true, which is crucial for effective cleaning.

Compatibility and Practical Use

This bore guide is designed to fit a variety of high-performance rifles with bolt diameters in the specified range. It is an invaluable tool for shooters who demand precision and want to ensure their rifle is maintained in top condition.

Packaging and Storage

  • Clear Reusable Packaging: Comes in a telescoping plastic tube, typically used for high-value tool transport and storage. This packaging not only protects the bore guide during shipping but also provides a durable, reusable solution that clearly displays the markings on the rod guide.


The PMA Bore Guide for BAT Neuvo or 3 Lug, 6mm PPC is a critical accessory for any serious shooter looking to preserve the performance and accuracy of their rifle. By integrating high-quality materials with thoughtful design features, this bore guide offers a superior solution for maintaining your rifle's bore, ensuring it remains free of debris and damage. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a dedicated enthusiast, this tool provides the reliability and functionality needed to keep your rifle in peak condition.

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6mm PPC
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