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PMA Bore Guide, BAT Neuvo or 3 lug, 6mm Dasher/BR

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  • Image showcasing a PMA Bore Guide set designed for BAT Neuvo or 3 lug actions, specifically for 6mm Dasher/BR calibers. The set includes a black bore guide and a distinctive blue adjustment tool with red markings. The bore guide is essential for precisely guiding cleaning tools through the rifle's barrel, preventing damage and ensuring consistent cleaning, while the adjustment tool facilitates precise settings and adjustments for maintenance.
  • A PMA Bore Guide designed for BAT Neuvo or 3 lug rifle actions, tailored for 6mm Dasher/BR calibers, displayed against a vibrant blue background. The guide is black and crafted for precision use to ensure accurate alignment and protection of the barrel during cleaning. It is instrumental for maintaining the condition of the rifle by guiding cleaning rods and solvents smoothly through the bore without scratching or damaging the interior surface.
  • A detailed setup of a PMA Bore Guide in use with a BAT Neuvo or 3 lug rifle chambered in 6mm Dasher/BR. The photo shows the rifle mounted on a wooden bench with the black bore guide inserted into the barrel, aiding in precision cleaning. Next to the rifle, various components of the cleaning kit are displayed, including a blue adjustment tool. This setup demonstrates the essential role of the bore guide in maintaining and cleaning high-performance rifles, ensuring no damage to the barrel during the process.
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PMA Bore Guide for BAT Neuvo and 3-Lug Actions: Ultimate Precision and Durability


The PMA Bore Guide is expertly crafted to accommodate rifles chambered in 6BR, 243 Win, 6mm Dasher, 6 Creedmoor, and many more. Designed for actions with a bolt diameter between .890" and .900", including BAT 3L, this bore guide is essential for maintaining the accuracy and longevity of your rifle.

Superior Design and Materials

Constructed from CNC lathe-turned black Delrin, the PMA Bore Guide offers outstanding durability and resistance to staining and discoloration, unlike its white Delrin counterparts. The overall length of 12.25 inches ensures it fits perfectly with various rifle setups, without interfering with the scope eyepiece.

Key Features:

  • Integral Solvent Port: Machined to an optimal size for easy access without being overly large or misplaced under the scope eyepiece.
  • Laser Marked Identifications: Each guide features laser engraving that is paint-filled for visibility. Although the paint may wear over time, the engraving ensures permanent identification.
  • Red Silicone O-Rings: Known for their durability against solvents, these o-rings also provide a visual contrast against the black Delrin, making wear and tear easily noticeable.

Enhanced Functionality

The PMA Bore Guide enhances the cleaning process with several innovative features:

  • Aluminum Rod Guide Insert: This material choice allows for tight tolerances on the inside diameter, which supports the cleaning rod more effectively. Additionally, the knurled end of the insert ensures easy removal.
  • Dual O-Ring Insert: Incorporating two o-rings instead of one minimizes wobble, allowing the cleaning rod to remain straighter within the bore for more precise maintenance.

Packaging and Storage

Understanding the needs of shooters and the value of their equipment, PMA utilizes telescoping plastic tubes—similar to those used for transporting high-dollar cutting tools—for packaging. This not only protects the rod guide during shipping but also provides a reusable storage solution that clearly displays the markings on the rod guide.


The PMA Bore Guide for BAT Neuvo or 3-lug actions is an indispensable tool for rifle owners who demand precision and durability from their maintenance equipment. By combining high-quality materials with thoughtful design, this bore guide ensures effective cleaning and maintenance, helping to extend the life and performance of your rifle. Whether for competitive shooting or leisure, the PMA Bore Guide is a reliable choice that delivers both function and value.

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6mm Dasher
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