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PMA Bore Guide, spare Insert for .22 cal rods

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  • PMA Bore Guide with a blue spare insert designed for .22 caliber cleaning rods, featuring distinctive orange and red band detailing.
  • Metallic PMA Bore Guide insert for .22 caliber cleaning rods, displayed on a vibrant red background, featuring detailed grooves and a hexagonal tightening section.
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PMA Bore Guide: Essential Inserts for .22 Cal Cleaning Rods


Cleaning your rifle is a crucial part of maintaining its performance and accuracy. For those who use separate cleaning rods for the jag and the brush, having dedicated inserts for each rod can streamline the cleaning process. PMA offers specialized bore guide inserts for .22 cal cleaning rods, designed to make rifle maintenance more efficient and effective.

Why Choose PMA Bore Guide Inserts?

The PMA Bore Guide Inserts are crafted with precision to ensure a perfect fit and optimal functionality during the cleaning process. These inserts are specifically designed for .22 caliber cleaning rods, catering to the needs of shooters who prioritize thorough maintenance of their firearms.

High-Quality Materials

PMA Bore Guide Inserts are manufactured from durable materials that withstand regular use and exposure to cleaning solvents. This durability ensures that each insert maintains its shape and functionality over time, providing reliable service through countless cleaning sessions.

Tailored Fit

Each insert is engineered to match the specific dimensions of .22 cal cleaning rods. This precise fit prevents any wobble or misalignment, allowing for smoother, more effective cleaning strokes that remove residues and debris without damaging the bore.

Benefits of Using Separate Inserts

Using separate inserts for different cleaning tools can significantly enhance your cleaning routine. Here’s how:


Having a dedicated insert for each type of cleaning rod means you can switch between brushing and jagging without the need to swap out the insert. This setup saves time and streamlines the cleaning process, allowing for a more thorough and quicker maintenance routine.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Using separate inserts reduces the physical stress on each piece, as each insert is used exclusively for its intended purpose. This specialized use extends the life of both the inserts and the cleaning rods.

Enhanced Cleaning

With dedicated inserts, each cleaning tool performs at its best, ensuring that your firearm is as clean as possible. This level of cleanliness is crucial for maintaining the accuracy and longevity of your rifle.

Available Sizes and Compatibility

In addition to the .22 cal inserts, PMA also offers inserts for .30 cal cleaning rods, allowing shooters with various firearms to benefit from this specialized tool. The versatility in sizing ensures that shooters can find the exact fit for their specific cleaning rods and firearms.

How to Choose the Right Insert

When selecting a bore guide insert, consider the following:

  • Caliber of Your Firearm: Ensure the insert matches the caliber of the cleaning rod used for your firearm.
  • Type of Cleaning Rods: Check whether your cleaning rods are compatible with the inserts in terms of size and design.
  • Cleaning Habits: Reflect on your cleaning routine to decide if using separate inserts could streamline your maintenance process.


PMA Bore Guide Inserts for .22 cal cleaning rods are a small yet significant tool in the arsenal of any firearm enthusiast. By providing a dedicated, durable, and precise tool for your cleaning rods, these inserts not only enhance the cleaning experience but also contribute to the longevity and performance of your firearm. Whether you are a competitive shooter or a hunting enthusiast, integrating PMA’s specialized bore guide inserts into your cleaning routine is a step towards impeccable firearm maintenance.

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