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Redding .334" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73334

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Redding .334" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73334 | Precision Reloading Components

Redding .334" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73334

Elevate Your Precision Reloading

Discover the Redding .334" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73334, an indispensable component that enhances the precision of your reloading process. These Redding Neck Sizer Bushings are designed for effortless interchangeability within Redding Bushing-Style Sizing Dies, providing precise adjustments in .001" increments, catering to a wide spectrum of calibers ranging from 17 to 338.

With the correct selection of the bushing, you can achieve the perfect neck tension required to securely hold your bullet without unnecessary resizing. Each bushing is thoughtfully marked with size identification, simplifying the selection process and streamlining your reloading tasks.

Choosing the Right Bushing Size

Properly selecting the correct bushing size is a crucial step to achieve optimal neck tension during the reloading process. Here's how to determine the right size:

  1. Use a precision micrometer to measure the outside neck diameter of a loaded cartridge.
  2. Subtract .001" to .002" from the measured value to account for brass spring back and the desired bullet tension.

By following this precise method, you can ensure that your ammunition is consistently loaded with the utmost accuracy, meeting your exacting shooting standards.

Quality and Material Options

Redding offers two exceptional options for neck sizing bushings:

  • Heat-Treated Steel Bushings: Redding's steel bushings are meticulously crafted and feature a surface hardness of Rc 60-62. Hand-polished to reduce sizing effort, these bushings are designed to withstand the rigors of precision reloading, ensuring consistent and reliable results.
  • Titanium Nitride Bushings: For enhanced performance, Redding also offers Titanium Nitride bushings. These bushings retain all the features of steel bushings and additionally feature a titanium nitride coating, further increasing surface hardness and reducing sizing friction. They are an excellent choice for demanding reloaders who seek the utmost precision.

Upgrade Your Reloading Experience

Enhance your precision reloading experience with the Redding .334" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73334. Whether you opt for the steel or Titanium Nitride option, you can trust Redding's commitment to quality and precision. Elevate your reloading accuracy and consistency by selecting the ideal bushing size for your caliber.

Invest in quality and precision with Redding. Order your .334" Heat-Treated Steel Neck Sizing Bushing - 73334 today and experience superior reloading results.

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