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Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets - 6.5mm 130 gr TGK (100 count) - 4330

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Sierra Bullets - 6.5mm 130 gr TGK (100 count) - 4330

Sierra Bullets - 6.5mm 130 gr TGK (100 count) - 4330

Introducing the Sierra GameChanger hunting bullet, a revolutionary 6.5mm 130 gr TGK bullet that blends Sierra's match-grade accuracy with powerful hunting capabilities. The 4330 model is a game-changer in the hunting world, offering unprecedented performance in various shooting scenarios.

Optimized for Performance and Precision

The GameChanger bullet is engineered with an optimal jacket wall thickness for controlled expansion and weight retention, ensuring effective penetration and impact on a variety of game.

Advanced Expansion Technology

The open pocket under the polymer tip is designed to expand the lead core instantly upon impact, delivering quick and lethal results for hunting applications.

Industry-Leading Ballistic Coefficient

Featuring a tuned ogive, the GameChanger bullet achieves an industry-leading ballistic coefficient (BC), resulting in a flatter trajectory and reduced wind drift.

Aerodynamic Boat Tail Design

The boat tail design enhances the bullet's stability and accuracy, especially crucial for long-range shots.

Sierra's Innovation in Hunting Bullets

Re-engineering the acclaimed MatchKing bullet, Sierra introduces a hollow point design with a transparent green tip for consistent ballistic performance. The unique construction, comprising a special lead alloy and a tough copper jacket, provides excellent penetration and expansion at diverse ranges.

Barrel Twist Rate Compatibility

For optimal performance, these bullets require a barrel twist rate of 1_8Ó or faster, ensuring stability and accuracy in flight.

Product Specifications

  • Caliber: 6.5mm
  • Grain Weight: 130 gr
  • Bullet Style: TGK - GameChanger
  • Quantity: 100
  • Part Number: 4330
  • Recommended Twist Rate: 1 in 8" or faster
  • Note: This is not loaded ammunition


The Sierra 6.5mm 130 gr TGK GameChanger bullet (4330) is a groundbreaking choice for hunters seeking the perfect combination of precision, performance, and lethality. Ideal for a range of hunting scenarios, this bullet ensures that you are always game-ready. Step up your hunting game with Sierra's GameChanger hunting bullets.

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