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Sierra Bullets

Sierra Bullets - 6.5mm 130 gr TGK (50 count) - 4330T

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  • Sierra Bullets 6.5mm 130 grain TGK, model 4330T, 50 count. Image shows a single copper bullet with a green polymer tip, isolated on a white background, clearly displaying the product branding 'Tipped Gameking' on the logo in the corner.
  • Sierra Bullets 6.5mm 130 grain TGK, model 4330T, 50 count packaging. The image displays a green ammunition box featuring a graphic of a deer in a forest on the lid, with the Sierra logo and bullet specifications prominently visible.
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Sierra Bullets - 6.5mm 130 gr TGK (50 count) - 4330T

Introducing the Sierra GameChanger hunting bullet - a masterful blend of Sierra's match-grade accuracy and deadly hunting performance. The 6.5mm 130 gr TGK bullet is a true innovation in the field, offering unparalleled precision and effectiveness for hunters.

Revolutionary Design and Construction

The GameChanger bullet is engineered for perfection. With its optimal jacket wall thickness, it controls expansion while retaining weight, ensuring deep penetration and effectiveness.

Advanced Expansion Features

The open pocket under the polymer tip expands the lead core instantly upon impact, delivering immediate and lethal results.

Industry-Leading Ballistic Coefficient

Boasting a tuned ogive, the GameChanger has an industry-leading ballistic coefficient (BC) that ensures stable flight and pinpoint accuracy.

Boat Tail Design

The bullet's boat tail design further enhances its stability and accuracy, making it a reliable choice for long-range shots.

GameChanger Hunting Bullet: A New Era of Hunting

Sierra has re-engineered the legendary MatchKing bullet into a hollow point design for quick expansion, fitted with a transparent green tip for ballistic uniformity. This innovative construction, featuring a special lead alloy surrounded by a tough copper jacket, delivers excellent penetration and expansion across a variety of ranges.

Unmatched Penetration and Expansion

The unique construction of the GameChanger ensures it delivers the perfect balance of penetration and expansion, making it effective for any hunting situation.

Technical Specifications

  • Caliber: 6.5mm
  • Grain Weight: 130 gr
  • Bullet Type: TGK - GameChanger
  • Count: 50
  • Part Number: 4330T
  • Required Twist Rate: 1x8" or faster
  • Note: This is not loaded ammunition


The Sierra 6.5mm 130 gr TGK GameChanger bullet is a revolution in hunting technology. Combining Sierra's proven match-grade accuracy with the lethal effectiveness needed for hunting, it stands as a GameChanger in any hunting scenario. Whether you're pursuing game at close range or engaging at long distances, this bullet offers the precision and power needed for a successful hunt. Embrace the change with Sierra GameChanger hunting bullets.

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