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Haag-Streit Correx Gauge - 30g

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Haag-Streit Correx Gauge - 30g Mechanical Tension & Compression Force Gage

The Haag-Streit Correx Gauge is the ideal instrument for precise measurement, calibration, and standardization of pressure or power required to actuate fine mechanisms and spring tensions. It is perfectly suited for:

  • Micro Switches and Relays
  • Electric Contacts
  • Business Machines
  • Communication Instruments
  • Precision Instruments & Gages
  • Controls With Adjustable Friction Torque
  • Automotive Parts


  • Maximum reading pointer for eliminating reading errors
  • Bidirectional measurements in both directions
  • Unbreakable glass dial protection
  • Furnished in a protective case
  • ACCURACY: ±0.01 X maximum dial reading + actual test reading


Graduation (g) 1.00
Accuracy (g) ±0.01 x (Maximum Dial Reading + Actual Test Reading)
Dial Diameter (Inch/mm) 1-1/2 / 38.10
Feeler Length (Inch/mm) 1-1/4 / 31.75
Maximum Measurement (g) 30.00
Minimum Measurement (g) 3.00

With its simple operation and versatile applications, the Haag-Streit Correx Gauge is an essential tool for professionals needing precise force measurement in countless fields.

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