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VihtaVuori Premium Smokeless Powder, N130, 1.0 lb, T11030

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VihtaVuori N130 Smokeless Powder: Versatility for Rifle Calibers

VihtaVuori N130: The Multipurpose Rifle Powder

Optimal Choice for Diverse Rifle Calibers

The VihtaVuori N130 rifle powder, known for its versatility, is an excellent choice for a variety of rifle calibers. Particularly effective for small game hunting and target shooting, the N130 has become a staple in the ammunition of many shooters for its reliability and consistent performance.

Trusted in Factory-Loaded and Handloading Applications

Widely used in factory-loaded .22 and 6 mm PPC cartridges, the N130 powder is also an outstanding match for handloading lighter bullets in calibers like .223 Remington. Additionally, it excels in straight-wall rifle cases such as the .45-70 Government and the .458 Winchester Magnum, offering versatility and precision in various shooting disciplines.

Unique Physical Properties for Enhanced Performance

The N130 is a single-base, tubular rifle powder, with grain dimensions of 1.0 mm in length and 0.6 mm in diameter. Its fast burning rate on the VihtaVuori rifle powder scale contributes to its exceptional performance. Fun fact: While N130 shares the same grain size as N133 and N135, differences in surface coatings result in distinct burning behaviors, showcasing the nuanced engineering behind VihtaVuori powders.

VihtaVuori Powder: Precision and Consistency in Every Shot

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