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VihtaVuori Premium Smokeless Powder, N540, 1.0 lb, T11954

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Vihtavuori N540: Premium Performance Smokeless Powder

Vihtavuori N540 Smokeless Powder: Precision and Power

Enhance your shooting performance with Vihtavuori N540, the universal rifle powder designed for a wide range of medium-sized calibers. From .223/5.56 mm to .308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield, N540 is your go-to powder for both hunting and target shooting applications.

Why Choose Vihtavuori N540?

  • Universal Application: Suitable for a variety of calibers, making it a versatile choice for shooters.
  • Exceptional Accuracy: Delivers outstanding accuracy and clean burning, enhancing your shooting experience.
  • Higher Velocities: Achieve up to 30-40 m/s higher velocity at the same pressure level compared to N100 series powders.
  • Easy Metering: Symmetrical size ensures smooth metering in reloading equipment for hassle-free loading.

Expert Handloading Tips

For optimal performance:

  • For target shooting, use a 2.45 grams / 37.8 grains N540 load with a 7.8 gram / 120 grain OTM Scenar-L bullet in 6.5_47 Lapua caliber.
  • In .223 Rem applications with heavy bullets (69 to 82 grains / 4.5 to 5.3 grams), N540 provides excellent results.

Explore Vihtavuori N540 Today

Whether you're aiming for precision in target shooting or seeking reliable performance for hunting, Vihtavuori N540 offers the power and accuracy needed to elevate your shooting results. Experience the difference with Vihtavuori's premium smokeless powder.

Discover the superior performance and versatility of Vihtavuori N540. Elevate your reloading process and achieve unmatched shooting accuracy. Try Vihtavuori N540 for your next load and witness the excellence in every shot.

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