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XLR Industries

XLR Industries - ENVY Pro - Short Night Vision Mount

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  • Displayed is the XLR Industries ENVY Pro Short Night Vision Mount, a tactical accessory designed to mount night vision devices to a precision rifle. This sturdy mount offers a secure platform for attaching night vision optics, allowing shooters to operate effectively in low-light or night-time scenarios. The mount's design is sleek and functional, with multiple slots and cutouts to provide flexibility in positioning and weight reduction without sacrificing strength. The black finish ensures it blends seamlessly with most rifle finishes, maintaining a professional and cohesive look.
  • This image shows the XLR Industries ENVY Pro Short Night Vision Mount. It is a tactical accessory engineered to provide a stable mounting platform for night vision devices on precision rifles. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance in various operational environments. The design includes a rail system for easy attachment and the black finish complements the sleek look of modern tactical equipment. This mount is essential for shooters who require night vision capabilities for low-light or nocturnal shooting scenarios.
  • This image features the XLR Industries ENVY Pro Short Night Vision Mount, an essential tactical accessory designed for mounting night vision devices on a precision rifle. Its robust structure and multiple mounting slots suggest versatility and durability for secure attachment. The black finish offers a sleek and tactical appearance, ensuring that it integrates seamlessly with the rest of the firearm setup. This mount is crucial for operators and shooters who need reliable night vision support for their missions or competitive shooting events conducted in low-light conditions.


XLR Industries ENVY Pro - Short Night Vision Mount

XLR Industries - ENVY Pro - Short Night Vision Mount

Elevate your nighttime shooting capabilities with the ENVY Pro Short Night Vision Mount from XLR Industries. This mount is expertly designed to bolt directly onto the top of the ENVY Pro rifle chassis forend, offering a robust platform for a wide range of optics and night vision accessories.

Optimal Optics and Accessory Integration

The ENVY Pro Night Vision Mount is more than just a mounting solution; it's an integral part of your night shooting setup. Whether you're using traditional optics or advanced night vision and thermal devices, this mount provides the stability and alignment you need for precise targeting in low-light conditions.

Versatile Use and Functionality

Beyond its primary function as an optic mount, this versatile accessory can also serve as a hand rest. This feature allows shooters to manipulate the rifle without touching the barrel, maintaining accuracy and stability during operation.

Seamless Design Integration

Designed to complement the ENVY Pro forend, the mount integrates flawlessly, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your rifle. Its alignment with the ENVY Pro Brass Side Weights adds to the overall balance and ergonomics of your setup.


  • Weight: 2 oz for the short version, 4.5 oz for the long version.
  • Material: Durable, high-quality construction.
  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for the ENVY Pro rifle chassis.

Additional Accessories for Enhanced Capability

To fully utilize the mount for clip-on night vision or thermal devices, a 4.5" rail is also available. This addition expands the mount's compatibility and utility, making it an indispensable tool for serious night shooters.

For the Advanced Night Shooter

The ENVY Pro Short Night Vision Mount is a must-have for shooters who demand precision and versatility in their night shooting endeavors. Its thoughtful design and multi-functional capabilities make it a valuable addition to any serious shooter's arsenal.

Transform your night shooting experience with the XLR Industries ENVY Pro Short Night Vision Mount. Order now and take your precision to new heights in challenging low-light environments.

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