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XLR Industries - ENVY Pro - Long Night Vision Mount

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  • Displayed is the XLR Industries ENVY Pro Long Night Vision Mount, a tactical accessory designed for precision rifles that require the use of night vision devices. This extended mount provides a longer rail area for mounting various night vision optics and accessories, offering greater flexibility for the shooter. The lightweight design, with strategically placed cutouts, helps to maintain the rifle's balance while still providing a sturdy and reliable mounting platform. Its black finish ensures a cohesive look with most rifle configurations and contributes to its sleek, professional appearance.
  • XLR Industries ENVY Pro Long Night Vision Mount, a precision-engineered accessory designed for attaching night vision optics to a rifle. This extended rail mount provides ample space for mounting devices required for low-light conditions. The construction features multiple slots and screw holes for adjustable positioning and secure attachment. Its robust design ensures compatibility with various night vision systems while maintaining the structural integrity needed for precision shooting applications. The mount's color and finish are designed to integrate seamlessly with the rifle's overall aesthetic.
  • This image illustrates the XLR Industries ENVY Pro Long Night Vision Mount in a closer perspective, showcasing its robust design tailored for attaching night vision equipment to a precision rifle. The mount features a series of slots for picatinny rails, enabling the secure attachment of various optical devices. Its construction aims to offer versatility and reliability, essential for tactical and precision shooting scenarios in low-light environments. The design and finish are consistent with the professional quality and aesthetic expected from XLR Industries' tactical gear.


XLR Industries ENVY Pro - Long Night Vision Mount

XLR Industries - ENVY Pro - Long Night Vision Mount

Enhance your night-time shooting accuracy with the ENVY Pro Long Night Vision Mount from XLR Industries. This mount is meticulously engineered to attach directly to the ENVY Pro rifle chassis forend, creating a versatile platform for various optics and night vision attachments.

Optimal Optics and Accessory Compatibility

Whether you're using advanced night vision devices, thermal scopes, or other optical accessories, the ENVY Pro Night Vision Mount is designed to support a wide array of equipment. Its versatility makes it a vital component for shooters who require adaptability in low-light conditions.

Multi-Functional Design

Apart from its primary function as an optic mount, this innovative accessory also serves as a convenient hand rest. This design allows shooters to maneuver the rifle while avoiding contact with the barrel, thereby maintaining shot accuracy and stability.

Seamless Integration and Aesthetics

The Long Night Vision Mount is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It integrates flawlessly with the ENVY Pro forend, aligning perfectly with the ENVY Pro Brass Side Weights. This alignment ensures both a cohesive look and improved balance for your rifle setup.


  • Weight: 4.5 oz for the long version.
  • Material: High-quality, durable construction for longevity and reliability.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for the ENVY Pro rifle chassis.

Enhanced Night Vision and Thermal Device Compatibility

To expand the mount's functionality for clip-on night vision or thermal devices, a 4.5" rail can be added. This accessory enables a broader range of device compatibility, making the mount an indispensable tool for night-time shooters.

Designed for Advanced Night Shooters

The ENVY Pro Long Night Vision Mount is an essential accessory for shooters who prioritize precision and versatility in their night shooting endeavors. Its thoughtful design and multi-functional capabilities make it a key addition to any serious shooter's equipment.

Take your night shooting to the next level with the XLR Industries ENVY Pro Long Night Vision Mount. Order yours today and experience unmatched precision and adaptability in low-light conditions.

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