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CCI Ammunition - Standard Velocity .22LR 40GR RN - QTY 100

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Experience Exceptional Accuracy with CCI Ammunition - Standard Velocity .22LR 40GR RN (Qty 100) When it comes to precision and reliability, the CCI Ammunition Standard Velocity .22LR 40GR RN stands as a hallmark of excellence. With a commitment to delivering top-tier performance, this ammunition redefines your shooting experience. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a casual shooter, these rounds are designed to provide consistent accuracy and reliability with every shot. Key Features: * Unparalleled Precision: The CCI Ammunition Standard Velocity .22LR 40GR RN is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional accuracy, ensuring consistent shot placement for both recreational shooting and competition. * Reliable Rimfire Performance: Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, these rounds offer consistent ignition and smooth cycling, reducing the chances of misfires or cycling issues commonly associated with rimfire ammunition. * 40GR Round Nose Bullet: The 40-grain round nose bullet design strikes a balance between reliable feeding and accuracy, making it suitable for various shooting scenarios, including target shooting and small game hunting. * Optimized Velocity: The standard velocity of these rounds ensures a controlled and predictable flight path, minimizing the effects of wind and providing predictable ballistics. * Consistent Ballistics: Each CCI Standard Velocity .22LR round is loaded to consistent specifications, delivering predictable ballistics and tight groupings, shot after shot. * Versatile Shooting: Whether you're honing your skills at the range, plinking, or engaging in small game hunting, these rounds provide the versatility needed to excel in various shooting activities. * Quality Manufacturing: CCI's legacy of manufacturing excellence guarantees that each round meets stringent quality standards, ensuring performance that you can rely on. * 100 Rounds Per Box: Each purchase provides you with a box containing 100 rounds, offering ample ammunition for extended shooting sessions or outings. * Trusted Brand: CCI Ammunition is a trusted name in the firearms community, known for its commitment to producing reliable and accurate ammunition for a wide range of shooting applications. * Dependable Rimfire Primer: The reliable rimfire primer ignites consistently, minimizing the chances of misfires and contributing to a smooth shooting experience. * Craftsmanship and Innovation: The CCI Ammunition Standard Velocity .22LR 40GR RN reflects the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, ensuring that each round meets the high standards expected by shooters. * Target Accuracy: Whether you're aiming for precision on paper targets or pursuing small game, these rounds deliver the accuracy needed to hit your mark. * Consistency in Performance: Enjoy consistent performance with every pull of the trigger, as each round is manufactured to rigorous standards. * Quality Assured: CCI's commitment to quality control means that each round is inspected and tested to ensure uniformity and reliable performance. Elevate your shooting experience with CCI Ammunition Standard Velocity .22LR 40GR RN. Whether you're perfecting your marksmanship, enjoying plinking sessions, or venturing into the world of small game hunting, these rounds are engineered to deliver the accuracy and reliability you need. With a proven track record of performance and trusted by shooters worldwide, CCI Ammunition stands as a testament to quality and precision. Enhance your shooting prowess—secure your supply of CCI Ammunition Standard Velocity .22LR 40GR RN today and experience the exceptional accuracy for yourself.
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.22 LR
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Standard Velocity
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